The best colognes of 2016

Celebrity fragrance or designer perfume?

Your guide to newly released men?s perfumes

We have seen some widely advertised new men?s perfumes launch in the last few months, and there have also been plenty of show-stopping scents that have been released rather quietly. This is your guide to the best of new men?s fragrances for 2016.

Confused about eau de toilette, eau de cologne and eau de parfum? The three are not interchangeable, and each name denotes a different oil content. Eau de parfum is used for fragrances with the highest oil content, and therefore the most staying power. Eau de cologne contains the least amount of oil, while eau de toilette is somewhere in the middle. The price goes up with the oil content, though this does not necessarily mean the watered down EDTs and colognes are better value, as you will go through them quicker. For a seasonal scent that you do not plan on using for years to come, an EDT or a cologne is a fine choice.

CK2 by Calvin Klein

The first iconic unisex scent from Calvin Klein, CK One, launched over twenty years ago and dominated the perfume game in the 1990s. Just when you forgot all about CK One, a new perfume billed as genderless has arrived- the CK2. Despite being versatile enough for both sexes, the CK2 has a distinctive woody scent. Paired with a well-designed transparent bottle, the fragrance has been a hit since before its much hyped launch in February. Of course, don?t reach for the CK2 if you are seeking a deeply masculine smell. Calvin Klein?s CK2 would make an excellent gift for a special lady so you can have matching perfumes, but it is also suitable for the single guy.

Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren

Forget subtle. Ralph Lauren?s Polo Red Intense is the supercharged cousin of the brand?s other offerings. The spicy-smelling eau de parfum was released last year and contains more fragrance notes than you will be able to count. Containing touches of ginger, leather, and coffee, it is supposedly reminiscent of adrenalin packed motorsports. The scent is notably masculine, and for this reason the perfume is divisive; some find it obnoxiously masculine whereas to others it is the smell of excitement.

Sauvage by Dior

A scent for the modern nose, Dior?s Sauvage is both woody and spicy, with a host of exotic notes such as Bergamot orange and Sichuan pepper. The eau de toilette came out late last year, and has become an instant classic. With an imposing dark colored bottle, it will also look great on your dresser.

Aqua Classic by David Beckham

David Beckham can do no wrong, particularly when it comes to his fragrance line. He has been a strong player in the celebrity fragrance market, and this newly released scent for 2016 does not disappoint. Aqua Classic is floral, with hints of citrus and spice. As the name would suggest, Aqua Classic is available as an eau de toilette. It is a great budget option and is particularly suited to younger men.


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