You HAVE to try this hottt new sex technique!

I?ve shown you many ways to make a girl cum?

I’ve told you about?different positions…tricks that get her dripping wet…and ways to work yourself inside her.

I?ve even told you about bondage, role-play?and how everyday objects can become titillating sex toys;)

But sometimes women crave a more INTIMATE kind of sexual experience?

Well, I just learned about an amazingly eroticand very hot NEW?way to give her just that!

Don?t worry ? I?m not talking about cuddling after sex or anything like that?

I?m talking about a special orgasm techniquethat creates a very deep connection between you, your girl?and her PUSSY!

It?s called The Intimate Orgasm Method ? a sexual practice that (first) brings any woman to a heightened state of arousal, excitement, and trembling sexual anticipation?

And then leads to one of the most intense orgasmic climaxes the female body can possibly have!

It?s also a perfect technique to use when you cum before she does ? but still want to get her off, even though you?re exhausted;)

Now, this technique works great on a large beanbag chair ? but if you don?t have one, that?s totally fine?You can build a small cuddle nest our of pillows and blankets.

**Also, have some lube ready in a place you can easily reach from where you will be sitting.

Okay, let?s begin!

?Step 1.?Have her lay back on the bean bag chair (naked), with her legs spread open. Lay next to her on your side.

Step 2. Massage her inner thigh and let her know how beautiful she is.

Step 3.?Comment on her pussy.? What color are the lips? What does her clit look like? Is it throbbing? Is she getting wet? Describe what you see in DETAIL to your girl.

Step 4.?Lube your finger and tell her you want to touch her pussy…

Step 5.?Lightly caress the opening of her vagina, but don?t insert your finger.? See if you can feel her warmth and wetness withoutentering her.

Step 6.?Move up and lightly caress the sides of her clit.?Listen to her breathing.??Ask her how it feels…

Explore her clitoris with your well-lubricated finger.?? Pay attention to her breathing and take note of how she responds to your touch…If she seems to like you in a particular spot, give it some extra attention;)

Step 7.?Apply pressure to her upper pubic mound with your other hand while you continue to caress her clitoris…

Step 8. Move your hand down slightly and start to lightly caress her clitoral hood.? Observe how and where the skin from the hood connects.? How does it feel to you? Tell her. Ask her what it feels like for her…

Try to keep this up for at least 15 minutes.?Then being rubbing her clit in a circular motion?she should orgasm with 3 minutes.

Now this is NOT something that will have her screaming and climbing the walls.

It?s not going to make her squirt.

But keep in mind that even though her orgasm may be quiet?it will actually feel very long and powerful on her end?

That’s because this technique builds slowly until reaching it peak?and then releases a slow, long-lasting wave of pleasure throughout her whole body ? which can last for several minutes!

When you are done, take time to reflect on the experience together.?Then kiss her, and hold her tight?

Like I said, ‘The Intimate Orgasm Method’ is perfect for those special moments, when you really want to connect?or need satisfy your girl?s intimacy cravings?

But afterwards, you can go ahead and have some phenomenal full-penetration sex ? you can even go a little extra hard since she?ll already be SUPER wet;)




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About Shawna Lenee Shawnee Lee is a pornographic model and actress.

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