This Is Why Your Body Needs Water Every Day

We all know that water is essential to life, but sometimes the reasons why are not so clear. Apart from keeping our mouths from getting too dry and allowing us to sweat when it’s hot or we workout, water serves many other functions that go on within our bodies, many of which don’t have such clear effects.

While sometimes misunderstood, or perhaps underestimated, we all try to consume the right amount each day. Which is, as many have stressed, around eight glasses. Not everyone agrees with that number however, and there’s also the question of whether the same hydrating properties of water can be gained from other beverages that contain it. The Huffington Post explores:

On average, we lose two to three liters of water a day, through sweat, breath, urine and bowel movements. To compensate, we?ve got to rehydrate. While past guidance has suggested we drink approximately eight glasses a day, new recommendations say we should drink anywhere from 2 to 3.7 liters (8.4 to 15.6 cups) daily, depending on a person?s sex, weight, health and environment.

Before you start chugging from the tap, consider this: Water is naturally a great hydrator, but other beverages like coffee and tea and water-dense foods like fresh fruit and veggies are great sources of hydration too (and they also provide other crucial nutrients, to boot).

So water alone is great but not the only way to get H2O into your body, coffee and tea are also effective?I for one am happy to hear that. Check out the full post for more details plus a short TedEd video.

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