Canine Companionship Can Improve Health

When we think of health tips, we usually run into diets, workout plans, and perhaps even meditation and relaxation tips. Not as often do we hear about the benefits of socializing, even less do we hear about socializing with pets. Nevertheless, there is a point to be made here, particularly in terms of canine friendship.

There’s a good reason that dogs are mans best friend. They’re loyal, fun, protecting, and may even improve our health. That’s what new research from the University of Missouri has found. Why is there a link? Well, for one, walking the dog requires some form of exercise, but also, loneliness can have negative effects on our wellbeing that can be subverted with pets. PsychCentral has more:

Researchers determined that older adults who also are pet owners benefit from the bonds they form with their canine companions. Dog walking is associated with lower body mass index, fewer doctor visits, more frequent exercise, and an increase in social benefits for seniors.

Researchers found however, that the benefits of canine ownership occur when the owner has a close bond to the animal. That is, people with higher degrees of pet bonding were more likely to walk their dogs and to spend more time walking their dogs each time than those who reported weaker bonds.

If you’re a cat person, maybe now is the time to change. Make sure to check out the full post for more details.

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