Ready for Rugby: Exercises for Injury Prevention

When it comes to tough sports, rugby ranks near the top. There are no pads, no helmets or protective gear, just head on collisions between people with little concern for their own bodies. Given the violent and damaging nature of the game, it stands to reason that the bodies involved need to be in great shape.

A lack of appropriate fitness in rugby leads to injury. You need strength, longevity, skill and the ability to get back up after a crushing tackle. Even if you don’t play rugby, this capacity for resilience is important and can pay dividends in other sports and aspects of life. So how can we train to build up a rugby-type body? Breaking Muscle explains:

Mobility: More Than Just Foam Rolling

Mobility work is becoming increasingly popular to improve your movement, and thankfully so. But this doesn?t mean just doing some soft tissue work on a foam roller. Good mobility work means getting warm and moving through your full range of motion on a regular basis. You need to challenge your body’s existing range to decrease the chance of being tackled or pushed into a compromising position that?ll hurt you on the pitch.

I?ve put together the routine below to help you improve your mobility, movement quality, and range of motion. These movements focus on key problem areas for rugby players such as the hamstrings, hips, shoulders, and trunk. Use this routine to warm up before you train.

The routine has been put together by Rob Nitman, a strength and conditioning coach with experience with rugby teams from New Zealand and England. Make sure you check out the routine at Breaking Muscle.

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