Is your FWB assuming you are in a relationship?

When she thinks you are together but you have never had ?the talk?

Casual relationships do not go on forever. At some point, one of you wants more, or one of you meets someone else and decides to end things. A friends-with-benefits setup is never static or stable, and must be constantly defined. When you have been enjoying a casual relationship for a few months, you need to be sure that she does not think you are in an exclusive and serious relationship. Despite being clear that you are not technically together, she may assume things are headed that way, or that you are effectively in a relationship but without the label. Look for these signs that she has assumed you have crossed the boundary from casual to committed.

She calls you pet names

When the cutesy pet names start coming out, you know she has caught feelings and thinks you have too. Calling you pet names in front of other people takes it a step further- she is asserting her ownership, in a way. Affectionate and personalised pet names are a usual development in a relationship, which is what she is trying to replicate.

She dropped all other guys

At the beginning of your dalliance, she was still invested in other men. She may have been actively dating, or at least open to the idea of flirting with other guys. Now, she is putting all of her eggs in one basket and has dropped every other guy. She has deleted Tinder off her phone, and expects you to do the same. Clearly, she thinks your relationship is going somewhere, even if it does not have a label just yet.

Making plans

In a casual relationship, there is no expectation of a future. There is no ?ten years from now?, there is no ?next year?, and there is barely even a ?next weekend?. Her making plans too far in advance, especially if there is money outlaid (such as for a concert ticket), demonstrates that she thinks you are implicitly committed to each other. Making plans may also be a tactic to keep you around, particularly if she is feeling insecure that you might drop her at any time.

She tries to get you to meet her friends? and her family

Getting you to meet the important people in her life is a sure sign she thinks you will be around for a long time yet. It also shows that she is proud to be with you. The good news is that this is one of the few things you can control. While it is totally up to her if she shows other signs of commitment such as ending her other flings, it is up to you to be complicit (or not) in her mission to make you meet the family. You can politely avoid doing so until she realises that you have no interest in taking steps to become more involved in your life.

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