How to meet women on Facebook

Pick up from behind your computer screen

Social networking has made dating so much easier. Use it to your advantage by following these tips to meet single women on Facebook.

Join special interest groups

Join groups that are relevant to your interests, and interact with other group members regularly. It is easy to get talking (even online) over a shared interest. Being a regular poster will increase the likelihood of women actually contacting you. Be friendly in general, including to other men in the group, or you will earn a reputation for being a bit creepy.

Have a clean profile

Women will check out your public profile before accepting your friend request or sending you a message. You do not want to come across as a creep or a weirdo. Having a good profile which puts your best foot forward is crucial. Your public status updates from five years ago may not represent you well anymore. Take off anything that you think could be off-putting to others.

You don?t want to misrepresent yourself, however. Most women will be turned off by, for example, blatantly prejudiced content on your profile. If you are seeking a long-term relationship, however, you want to find someone who does not have a problem with your views. Having content that is offensive but represents your views well will act as a filter. Women will not contact you or respond to you unless they are sympathetic to your viewpoint.

Ask mutual friends to set you up

A girl on Facebook has caught your eye, and as luck would have it, she is mutual friends with one of your buddies. Ask your friend to help you transition from being some dude on the internet to a real-life date that comes with a glowing recommendation. A safety-conscious woman will be more willing to give you a chance with the knowledge that you are a friend of a friend.

Avoid the random add

We all know a strange guy who adds random girls on Facebook and then never talks to them. Invariably, these girls are completely out of his league. Don?t know a guy like that? Then you are the guy.

You only want to be adding women that you have some sort of connection, however tenuous, with. This is where special interest groups come in handy. You could also try adding someone that you have mutual friends with. Completely random Facebook adds are unlikely to go anywhere, if your friend request is even accepted.

You also want to avoid being ?that guy? because everyone can see what you?re doing. Women will see that you have become friends with five random hot girls in the last 24 hours, and will promptly realise what you are doing and delete you. Plumping up your friends list with every woman in your age bracket in your city looks really bad, in the same way it looks bad to go into a bar and attempt to chat up every girl there. It will cause women who do think you are attractive to be turned off and stay away from you.

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