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Now you can combine your favorite activities into one…sex plus exercise. Pornhub has created a sexercise program called BangFit, which they literally claim is “the fitness miracle gyms don’t want you to know about.” Intriguing.

BangFit was created in an effort to “to fight against our sedentary lifestyle,” and it basically offers workout programs with videos of exercises to get you in shape. The theme of course is sexy, so some of the workouts are called things like “Squat and Thrust” and “Missionary Press.” There are options for both doing them with a partner and without.

The calorie burning potential is pretty similar to any other resistance workout that you might do. If you’ve ever wondered how many calories you can burn having actual sex, it sort of depends on how you’re doing it but the potential is there.

In fact, there is actually a sexercise calculator that you can use online where you input information like you and your partner’s weight plus how long you hit certain positions and it will estimate how many calories you burned.

The people behind the sexercise calculator first figured out the metabolic equivalent score for both men and women in each position that they have on there. The position options range from blowjobs to standing sex while you hold her up and everything in between. It will also tell you what kind of food you burned off and what the workout equivalent to your calorie burn would be.

For example, in 80 minutes of sex you might burn around 300 calories which is enough to burn of two beers. That’s the amount of calories that you would be likely to burn running for three miles or doing an hour of yoga. Sex is usually a little lower impact than other sorts of exercises so it shouldn’t be thought of as a substitute for exercise, but you can’t beat the added calorie burn in an already active lifestyle.

Some studies have even suggested that couples who workout together are happier together, and probably have more sex, so if you start working out with your girl it could transfer into the bedroom as well.

Exercising with a partner seems to increase satisfaction in relationships because it creates a physiological arousal. The increase in heart rate plus breaking a sweat from working out is quite similar to what happens to the body during sexual arousal, so when you do it together it can literally turn you on. The sight of glistening bodies can be pretty appealing.

Then there’s also the fact that you are often working together and supporting one another while you are working out which can also be a bonding experience. Not to mention, most studies suggest that working out with other people makes you accountable to your workouts so you might actually workout harder and longer when you’re with her as well. There’s really no way not to be winning when you combine romance and calorie burn, whether it’s in the gym or in the bedroom.

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