Demystifying the Forms of Magnesium

Not many of us get the required amount of vitamins and minerals each day. We might try to eat as well as we can, but the fact is we’d need to eat a wide variety of food to get all these little chemicals in the recommended amounts. Chances are that making this much of an effort is enough, and that most?of the vitamins and minerals is surely good enough.

But some of us want to do better. So, we turn to supplements. We pop a pill or two in the morning before breakfast, thinking this will take us from?most?to?all?the recommended vitamins and minerals. Naturally, however, there are many complications. One such instance is the case of magnesium. An essential element with a role in many health-related functions, it comes in many shapes, each with differing amounts of effectiveness:

It?s involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body, playing a crucial role in bone density, muscle activity, heart health, and brain function.?If you?ve ever looked to buy magnesium supplements, you’ve likely been faced with a variety of forms and doses, two of the most popular being magnesium citrate and oxide.

You?ve probably heard or read that certain forms of magnesium ?don?t work? and that other forms are superior. Most of the current information touts magnesium citrate as being the superior form, and most of these sources reference a 2003 study concluding this.

Research studies are important (don?t get us wrong). However, while they increase credibility, it?s important to keep in mind that there can sometimes be study flaws and bias, whether intentional or not.

As in many fields, one scientific study isn’t enough to form a solid picture. We need collective agreement between studies and researchers to avoid biases and errors. So what?is?the right type of magnesium? You’ll have to read the full article to find out.

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