How to style a backpack

Backpacks are trending this season

Wearing a backpack with style as an adult

Backpacks are not only a convenient way to carry around your personal effects- they are also a fashion statement. Having been on the rise for a few years, they have now reached trend status. Backpacks are a key trend for spring/summer 2016. Here is how to wear a backpack in line with the current fashion.

Don?t pull out the beat-up backpack from your childhood just yet. The backpack trend of 2016 is far more graceful. Designer backpacks lead the way. To follow the trend, you will need a classic and well-constructed style.

It?s all about the brand

The old adage ?you get what you pay for? applies to bags. It is best to go for a trusted brand, so you know your bag will have a reasonable lifespan and it will age gracefully in the meantime. While having visible logos is generally not desirable when it comes to clothing, it is a different story for accessories. Having a name brand on your bag signifies status as well as indicating a high-quality bag.

Go for leather

Leather backpacks signify status. A far cry from the cheap canvas backpacks you are used to, a leather backpack is crafted with style and longevity in mind. Black leather is suitable for younger guys, whereas brown leather gives a softer and more refined look which is suitable for all ages. Metal hardware will add to the appearance of luxury.

Another advantage of a leather backpack is its versatility. You can use wear it to work, even in the most formal of workplaces, and you can sling it over your shoulder on the weekend. Cloth backpacks tend to be less acceptable for workplaces in which snappy dressing is a must.

Avoid colors

A brightly colored backpack appears juvenile. Black or brown are the best options. Other neutrals like stone or tan are also quite trendy options for SS16.

Mind the blazer

A backpack can ruin the line of your blazer. For this reason, it is best to invest in a backpack which has a handle so you can carry it by your side in a pinch.

To minimise the impact of your backpack on your blazer, there are a few strategies you can try. Firstly, loosen your backpack straps. If they are too tight, you could end up looking like a Christmas ham. A second strategy is to reduce the weight of your backpack, as a heavy backpack will also pull too much on the fabric of your blazer. Finally, you may find that buckling the cross-chest strap takes some of the weight off your shoulders. While doing up this strap is not the best-looking option, it may help as a second-last resort (before ditching the backpack completely).

Skip the hat

Hats and backpacks are just not meant to be together once you are an adult. There is no style of hat which goes well with a backpack. A basketball cap will have you looking like a wannabe skater, particularly if you have opted for a cloth backpack. More formal hats will just look mismatched.

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