How to improve your ‘Netflix and chill’ game

Upgrading your casual Netflix and Chill date

Before you get to the chilling component of ?Netflix and chill?, you have to at least pretend to get through the Netflix watching component. Here is how to make your low-key ?Netflix and chill? date a memorable and fun evening.

Have a movie ready to go

Women are not interested in men that have no opinions and plans. It does not bode well for your relationship potential if you cannot even decide on a movie to watch. It is simply annoying if you waste half your date picking something to watch. Show that you are proactive by picking a film that you will both like, ahead of time. Try to match it to what you think she will be interested in. If you are not sure, have two or three choices (from different genres) ready for her to choose from.

Fortunately, you do not have to choose an amazing movie for your night in. It?s fine if the movie turns out to be somewhat disappointing- you can then turn your attentions to each other. Pick something light-hearted, rather than an award winning drama that makes you think. A mindless comedy fits the bill.

Upgrade your viewing set-up

Put some effort into making your bedroom a shrine for Netflix and chill. Huddled on a single bed with a laptop on your feet? Not hot. Ideally, you want a TV screen that you can plug your computer into, set up in view of your bed. Speaking of your bed, set it up with clean, soft sheets, and a generous amount of textured pillows and blankets to snuggle up with.

Don?t watch for too long

If you really wanted to watch Netflix, you could do it in your own time. You do not want to watch something long and drawn out- by the time you get to the end, you or your date might be too exhausted to do anything else. For this reason it is also good to avoid watching an addictive TV series- it is too easy to binge-watch half a season in a row.

Do not pick a two hour long movie. Something that goes for 100 minutes or less is ideal. You have plenty of time to snuggle and get comfortable, but you will not feel too drained afterwards.

Prepare romantic snacks

Having snacks prepared for your movie is a thoughtful gesture. Up your game by making your snacks something playful or romantic. Strawberries are always a winner, as you can have fun feeding them too each other. Small chocolates will also do the trick.


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