Why a Breakup Might Up Your Fitness Game

The idea of going through a breakup isn’t usually a great one no matter where you stand on the relationship, but there might be an upside to it when you take your workouts in account. A recent?report claims that going through a bit of emotional trauma might actually increase your physical performance.

As for why this might occur, the report claims “you [have] those tensions building up in your body.?Most people don?t realize the way you release those tensions is movement.”

Makes sense. You’ve probably had this experience of being energized in a weird way by a tough day at work and then killing a workout at the end of the day. Fired up is one way to put it.

This can help you out in a few ways. For one thing it can be the push you need to change up your physical fitness and take things to a new level. For another thing it can help your emotional state quite a bit as well.

When we go through a breakup part of what we lose besides the person is the routine or lifestyle associated to being with them, which is why the time following a breakup can feel like aimlessly treading water. Creating your own consistent habits that feel good to you therefore is a key element to getting through the breakup without losing it.

Sticking with a workout schedule is a good way to keep yourself on some sort of consistent schedule, and having goals in mind is also a good way to distract yourself and also feel good about accomplishing something. If your girlfriend was your main focus, following the breakup is a good time to reevaluate your habits and make sure that you are your main focus.

Exercising can be a really great way to keep your head in the present moment, which is not only a good way to avoid overthinking things that you can’t change, but also a good life hack in general. All we ever really have is the present moment and the more you can stick with that the better. Mindfulness is the key to thinking about what matters when it does but not tripping about the rest when it doesn’t.

Sticking with an exercise routine can also help you stick with other healthy habits in life. You’re more likely to eat healthy for example when you have fitness goals to hit. You might even be motivated to get more sleep and to be less hungover if you’ve got somewhere to be in the morning. All of these healthier living habits will support your mental health as well, as it’s a lot easier to heal emotionally when your head is on straight and your mind is as clear as possible.

Sticking with a fitness routine and seeing changes in your body can also help you keep the confidence that you are in charge of your life and capable of making whatever sort of changes you want to. It can be a two way thing, on one hand you’re supporting your fitness habits with the extra emotional energy you need to get out, and on the other hand those fitness habits can help you find peace.

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