Simple Ways for Skinny Guys to Eat More


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Every body is unique. Some of us are naturally big, eating well and dieting don’t get us below a certain weight. Others are naturally skinny, and it doesn’t seem to matter what you eat or in what amounts, you’re just stuck that way.

These differences have a huge impact on how we should work on our health. Diets change, workouts need to be specific to you—depending on your body and your goals. While there’s a ton of information out there on losing weight, for those skinny guys looking to gain, there’s far less info. Thankfully there is Breaking Muscle, which has put together an informative guide for the skinny guy:

Forget “Eating Clean”

The idea of “eating clean” leads us to believe that some foods are inherently “good” and others are inherently “bad.” But no one has ever dropped dead from a Pop Tart, just like no one has gotten up out of bed ripped and healthy from a few servings of peas and carrots. This is not to say that we should opt for the mint chocolate chip ice cream over apples and bananas, but being too restrictive in your diet makes it unnecessarily difficult to eat enough.
White sugar and flour have no fiber or nutrients and thus do very little in terms of satiety.That’s why it’s so easy to eat a thousand calories worth of donuts in one sitting, but almost impossible to do the same with broccoli. If you’re already getting the majority of your calories (80-90 percent) from whole, minimally-processed foods, don’t be afraid to indulge in your favorite not-so-nutrient-dense snacks
If you’re on the thin side looking towards the bulky, then you need to know what’s necessary to get there. This guide will give you an understanding and also a roadmap. Make sure you check it out.

About Sam Brinson

Sam is a writer living in Uruguay. Sam follows the latest in aging break throughs.

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