Small Gestures that Will Make a Big Impact On Your Girl

Sustaining a relationship (or even getting one off the ground) requires a bit of effort, but that doesn’t mean you have to make over the top gestures all the time to keep her. Of course those things are nice, but they’re also showy so sometimes it’s the smallest things that will really make the biggest impact on a girl. Here are some to keep in mind.

Remembering Details About Her Week

Listening is key, and if she mentions something?that’s coming up at work you should keep in mind. Then when the day of her big presentation comes around you can wish her luck ot text encouragement without her needed to mention it again. She’ll think it’s cute that you heard her and are being supportive on your own accord.

Acting Like a Gentleman

These behaviors should feel authentic, so maybe laying down a jacket over a street puddle isn’t going to fall into your gentleman’s repertoire. But allowing her to walk through a door before you is easy enough and still falls into the category. It’s not that anything different occurs depending on who walks through the door first, except that it’s a reminder that respect is always on your mind and that you value her.

Text Her Random Sweet Things

It doesn’t require a dozen roses to make a romantic gesture, a simple text that expresses something that you love about her on a random Tuesday is truly going to warm her heart. Sweet gestures are expected on holidays or anniversaries, and while they’re awesome they’re expected. So throwing in some unexpected cute moments here and there will really step things up a notch.

Put Your Phone Away

Putting your phone away while you guys are spending time together is one thing that requires no effort but makes a huge impact. She’ll notice it whether you are generally on your phone a lot or not. If you’re not expecting any important calls or emails it comes off as very respectful to keep the phone out of sight so that you can focus on her and aren’t keeping the option open to get distracted for no reason.

Run Her a Bath

It sounds a little cliche to set someone up with a bath, but it can be pretty cute. Most of us are so busy that hanging out in a bath isn’t on the top of our to do list, but making time for relaxation is really important to keeping everything else in life together. Tell her you’re going to give her a relaxing evening and then make her a bath and offer to at her service. Such as, bringing her wine while she soaks, or telling stories about your day if you’re using the time to catch up as well.

Make Sure She Has What She Needs

When she stays the night at your house it’s nice to do things like get her water for the bedside before she asks for it. It’s a very simple thing, but it just shows that you care and reinforces that for her every time you’re together.

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