How to Fast Track Your Six-Pack

Everyone would like to have that perfect six-pack. It’d sure make taking your shirt off at the beach a lot easier. Yet it seems like the most difficult thing to achieve, what with fast food joints everywhere and less time than ever before, no wonder the majority of us lack any abdominal?definition.

Like most things, we can change this. Better yet, it doesn’t even need to take you as long as you might think. While building a six-pack can seem to take forever?for some, that’s the reality?using the right formula of diet and exercise we can fast track our way there. One particular trick is to work on the hidden muscles?what are they? Mens Health has the details:

Everyone wants six-pack abs. A visible rectus abdominis is a sign that you’re fit and training hard. Sets of endless crunches and a strict diet will help those muscles pop. But you’ll get even greater results by working the hidden muscles underneath, and with that added strength, you?ll also boost your core stability, posture, and prevent future injuries.

The hidden muscles I’m talking about are your transverse abdominis and inner obliques. These actually wrap all the way around your body and attach to your thoracolumbar fascia (the thick layer of connective tissue at the back of the trunk). Think of them as a girdle that pulls in your waist and provides stability to help keep your body in alignment. Without them you wouldn?t be able to maintain an upright posture or squat or lunge correctly. If they aren?t working properly, you see the effects in your posture, which eventually leads to pain or injury.

They need not be reserved for gym junkies, models and the cast of Jersey shore, anyone can form a ripped set of abs by focusing on the right things. Check out the full post to find out more.

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