Do You Sound "Inexperienced" When You Try to Talk Sexy?

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Do You Sound Like The 40 Year Old Virgin When You Try to Talk Sexy?


By: Bobby Rio

How to Flirt the Right Way

Remember that movie the 40-year-old virgin?

You probably do?.

But if you don?t, in it Steve Carrell plays a 40-year-old virgin who works in a store with a bunch of guys who are varying degrees of ladies men who decide to help him lose his virginity.

Anyway it was on cable last night and I found myself sucked in, even though I?ve already seen it.

Everyone has those movies they can?t pass up when they?re on tv right?

One of the funniest scenes in the movie is when all the guys are playing poker and telling sex stories.

When the virgin is asked to tell a sex story, he tells a hysterically awkward story where eventually he says a woman?s breast feels like a bag of sand?

It?s funny, but there?s a lot of guys out there who don?t know how to make the switch from normal conversation into sexy conversation and end up sounding the exact same way.

You might have even done it yourself a time or two?


I know, because I use to be one of those guys. Once I stopped being a nice guy and was determined to escape the friend zone once and for all, I had to learn how to make conversations sexual.

And sometimes it got ugly.

But one day I discovered a really critical idea that changed the way I thought about making the switch from normal to sexual conversation.

What was the big switch you ask?

It was the idea that it doesn?t have to be smooth.

I think a lot of guys have this unrealistic expectation of themselves (I know I did) that in order to get the girl, they have to do everything right and be super smooth.

Insert whatever picture you have in your mind of a ladies man

Whether it?s Brad Pitt

Or James Bond.

Or your one friend who always seems to leave with the cutest girl at the party.

Or me.

Or whoever?

The idea of being smooth sounds good and it appeals to you, but it?s not how things ACTUALLY work.

The truth is, the guys who are the best with women aren?t all smooth, they just know how to guide things without making it weird or coming off as a creep as they introduce sexual topics.

And that?s what you have to do, learn to keep it sexual without coming across as creepy or being too much of a sexual threat.

You just have to make it a normal part of the conversation.

Luckily for you there are some easy tactics and techniques If you want to know exactly how to walk the tightrope between the friend zone and being a creep

Learn exactly how to Make Small Talk Sexy, Right Here!

Make it happen!



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