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The Most Dangerous Foods for Draining Stamina

Your body is a fleshy machine designed for helping you move throughout each of your days with the optimum amount of energy. With that in mind, like any machine – you should be searching for the right fuels with which to keep it moving for longer. After all, pumping too much of the wrong substances into your system is sure to clog up the mechanisms and make sure that you move slower, achieve less, and potentially even break down all together.

You do not put oil in your car?s gas tank right? No, you put gasoline and the right type of gasoline too boot though there is some controversy on that issue. 87, 89, 91? Whatever, the point is, is that you do not put apple juice in your gas tank, you put gasoline since that is what your car needs to run on.

, and you should be able to knock out incredible feats of sports endurance, crush long runs, tackle heavier weights at the gym, and carry two gallons of milk into your home and not just one gallon of milk!

If you’re in training mode, it’s time to start thinking about which foods are most likely to boost your endurance, and which are going to put a hole directly in your stamina reserves. In the following, we’ll address just some of the items you should be keeping out of your meals when you’re hoping to push yourself further than ever before.

1. Milk and Dairy

Although grabbing a quick glass of milk on a morning or chugging down a yogurt before your workout may seem convenient, most experts advise staying clear of dairy prior to exercise. The slow-digesting nature of dairy, mixed with its sugar content can mean that you end up with an upset stomach the moment you begin working towards some kind of athletic progress.

On the plus side, both yogurts and milk of the 2% variety are particularly good for recovery foods, as they provide an ideal balance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein.

Hey, if you want to consider knocking back to two raw eggs like Rocky did before a run or a workout, that is your prerogative.

2. Low-Calorie Drinks and Foods

If you’re looking to lose weight, then you may automatically grab anything that says “low-calorie” on the label. However, artificial sweeteners that are typically used in the low-fat or diet options for popular beverages and foods can’t be properly digested by the human body?meaning that you end up with intestinal distress and stomach problems.

Stay away from processed foods wherever possible, and avoid artificial sweeteners if you want to keep going for a longer period of time.

3. Alcohol

Although this entry may seem particularly obvious – as most people don’t consider drinking a quick case of beer before they start their workout, it’s still something that’s worth mentioning. Alcohol is a huge endurance killer when it comes to workouts of any kind, as your nervous system needs to be fully alert for coordination purposes.

Just like caffeine can wake you up, alcohol will slow you down, so if you know you’ll be working out in the morning, try to avoid drinking the night before and you certainly do not want to be drinking before you work out ? that is just backwards thinking.

4. Trail Mix

Something that’s easy to grab and simple to eat can seem like a great idea if you’re off on a long-haul bike ride or extensive run – however, trail mix may not be as beneficial as you think. The truth is that eating foods that are high in fiber too quickly before a hard workout can lead to gastro-intestinal distress, meaning that your workout could be quickly derailed by cramps or diarrhea.

5. Pasta

This item may come as something of a surprise on the list for many people – as experts typically recommend carb-loading before an endurance activity. When stocking up on carbs, pasta is one of the best possible options, but loading up your body for the day ahead may not work in the way you think. The aim behind carb loading is to fill up the glycogen stores in your muscles, and it takes up to a week to maximize those stores. In other words, cramming your body full of pasta the night before a race is likely to weigh you down, rather than speed you up.

Instead of loading up on pasta too quickly, spend the two weeks leading up to your endurance activity increasing the amount of carbs you consume on a slow and steady basis, while decreasing your fat consumption by reducing your calorie intake.

6. Avocados

Avocados are a particularly delicious and healthy choice for many snack lovers. These nutritious foods contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals designed to offer benefits to your body over time. However, they’re also packed full of fat and fiber – both products that are considered to be no-go’s for pre-workout foods.

If you love avocados, you shouldn’t give up on them entirely, but instead leave them until after your workout to help aid your recovery. The fact that they’re full of minerals, B vitamins, and healthy fats make them marvelous for replenishment.

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About Benjamin Roussey Benjamin is from Sacramento, CA. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online.

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