These 5 Mistakes are Keeping You from Reaching a Decent Nutritional Plateau

Once you’ve decided to improve your physique and start a new workout regimen, then you’ll need to look beyond the dumbbells and start assessing your diet. It’s an unavoidable truth that exercise and diet go together hand in hand when it comes to improving your health, enhancing your physical appearance, and improving your skills in various activities.

It does not make any sense to lift weights every evening, morning, or during your lunch break but then eat donuts, candy, soda, large bags of chips, and so on every day either. Not only will you damaging your teeth you will be challenging your workout! It is OK to have some sugar and salt everyday but to eat a large amount of these types of foods every day or a medium size pizza by yourself just does not make sense. No one is saying you need to have the diet of a super model either though.

Good job on lifting weights as well ? at least you are doing that.

However, despite this, numerous men continue to make the same old nutrition mistakes that could be costing them a great deal in the long-term. Here we’ll address some of the common mistakes that men make, so that you can avoid them on your journey to a leaner, fitter body.



Some men believe that if they starve themselves before and after their workout, they’ll be able to enhance the fat burning power they achieve during exercise. However, the truth is that skipping your meals won’t help you to burn fat any faster.

Instead of refusing to give your body the essential nutrients it needs, during the time when it’s more likely to convert food into energy than fat, try cutting down the amount of calories you consume at another point in the day when you’re not in need of so much energy. This does not mean you can open up the flood gates for Baby Ruth candy bars either but there is nothing wrong with having a ham sandwich, some fruit, and some Wheat Thins for example before or after you work out. You have to feed your body and your muscles.

2. Saying Farewell to All Fat

Contrary to popular belief, eating foods with fat content doesn’t make you fat. Even if you eat a few shreds of boiled chicken breast for your lunch, you’re not going to see any changes in your body if you spend all day sitting behind a desk. On the other hand, eating a burger before a trip to the gym could mean that you help to build muscle in all of the right places.

If you’re hoping to lose weight, then it’s a good idea to cut back on your fat intake, but going completely fat-free is a big mistake. Without at least some fat in your system, your body can’t create the hormones that are used to turn protein into muscle, which is the best way to burn away excess inches in the first place.

3. Focusing Entirely on Calories

Although it’s fair to say that the number of calories you consume throughout a day will determine whether you’re likely to lose or gain weight, it’s important to also remember that the type of calories you consume will have an impact too. For instance, if you’re eating nothing but processed snack foods and junk, you’ll be more likely to go overboard with your calorie intake, and have to deal with constant blood sugar crashes and highs throughout the day, joined by extra hunger.

Worry less about the number of calories, and more about where those calories are coming from.

4. Eating too Much Late in the Day

Last minute meetings and chaotic meetings often mean that our biggest meals come towards the end of the day. However, the more you put on your plate on the evening, the more food you’ve got resting in your stomach when you head to bed.

The best way to manage your weight is to eat a huge breakfast, followed by a princely lunch, and a small dinner. Studies have found that people who consume the majority of their calories before 3pm lose the most weight, because front-loading calories can provide more energy throughout the day, and gives your body extra time to process them.

5. Going Lactose/Gluten/Flavor Free

If your body is unable to process lactose or gluten properly, then steering clear of these foods is essential to your health. However, if shifting away from gluten and other foods simply to follow the trends leads you to eating highly-processed free-from foods instead of wholegrain, then you shouldn’t expect to see anything improve on the scales.

The truth is that only about 10% of people actually suffer from gluten intolerance. Dropping refined foods from your diet is much better for you than ditching gluten just because it’s what all of your gym buddies or friends are doing. What’s more, pressing the button for a healthier all-around diet should be easier to maintain too, because it will give you plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to picking snacks, lunches, and meals.

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