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8 Reasons Why Men Who Lift Weights are Better than You

Take a trip to the weight room – even for only half an hour a day, and you’re already contributing to the improvement of the entire human race. Sound dramatic? The truth is that whether you’re simply looking to define your muscles, or you’re searching for ways to enhance overall fitness, lifting weights can do everything from super-charge your sex life, to making you live longer.

So get ready to give your ripped self a round of applause as with each new session in the weight room you tick off another incredible benefit of your gym-going habits.


1. Weightlifters have more Sex

Some women may argue back against this point, and it’s worth noting that incredible muscles won’t be an instant aphrodisiac to everyone you meet, but research from UCLA has actually found that more muscle actually increases your chances of extra notches on the bedpost. The reason for this is that buff guys are generally more confident and attractive, meaning that they have less trouble attracting a mate.

This is only logical. People that look good to not have to try as hard either since their physical appearance already connotes appeal by the opposite sex. You can just ask Maria Shriver about this! Why did she marry Arnold back in the day (1986)? It was not his politics that won her over! Well, her politics are borderline very ugly but that is another topic. Another topic is also why did Arnold have a baby with his maid? That is another topic as well as just stated!

2. Weightlifters have better Sex


If having more sex isn’t enough for you, how about the fact that your weight-lifting prowess will also make you more of a hero between the sheets? If you’re lifting like an Olympic athlete, you’re going to give one hell of an athletic performance in bed. Surveys from the Journal of Sexual Medicine have discovered that as little as two hours of weight sessions every week lead to longer orgasms, harder erections, and more flexibility to try out tougher positions.

3. Weightlifters have more Testosterone

A low amount of testosterone in your system can cause more problems than you might think. In fact, too little of the big T can lead to everything from depression and fatigue, to erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, there’s a cure for this problem, and you’ve probably guessed it: weights. Sports Medicine found that strength training is essential for boosting your manliest hormone.

4. Weightlifters are Happier

This is why

Let’s face it, happiness is what life is all about, and weight lifting should give you plenty of things to smile about. In fact, researchers from the University of Alabama found that men performing three weight-based workouts a week improved their mood significantly over the course of 6 months, thanks to an excess release of endorphins.

In fact, the effects are so significant that further studies suggest people who suffer from depression may be able to overcome their illness through four strength sessions a week – instead of anti-depressants. Get off those drugs!

Weightlifters are generally stronger than other people so they have less to worry about. Makes sense right!

5. Weightlifters Live Longer

While many of your standard sessions such as running along the muddy hills in the rain might make you feel glum, raising that weight bar above your head could keep you alive for a longer period of time. A study published in the American journal of medicine suggests that muscle lengthens life more than fat is capable of curtailing it. Not only will your life be better than those poor non-weightlifting saps, but it’ll also last longer too!

6. Weightlifters have more Energy

Although lifting a selection of heavy pieces of iron and steel may seem like the perfect way to exhaust yourself before heading home after a long day, the truth is that a good squat session will actually give you more energy long-term.

Spend a few hours in the weights room every week and you’ll end up with an approximate increase of around 20% energy every day, according to University of Georgia researchers. The reason for this is that weightlifting helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, and helps your heart work more efficiently.

7. Weightlifters are Smarter

Apart from the steroid fused individuals who are more muscle than brain, the truth is that most of people in your weights room are a poignant combination of brains and braun. Exercise is an ideal way to boost hormones like BDNF, or brain derived neurotrophic factor, a substance that stimulates the formation of brand new brain cells. What’s more, an intense workout can significantly improve the size of your hippocampus overall, meaning that you retain more information over time.

8. Weightlifters have more Confidence

Finally, this may seem obvious, but weightlifters are happier with the appearance of their own body. By sculpting your stomach, back, chest, arms, and legs into the vision of an Adonis, you’ll build up self-esteem that you could never have imagined before. Just make sure that your confidence doesn’t go too far, no-one likes an arrogant weightlifter or someone who displays vanity.

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About Benjamin Roussey Benjamin is from Sacramento, CA. He has two master’s degrees and served four years in the US Navy. He enjoys sports, movies, reading, and current events when he is not working online.

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