6 Concepts You should to Know about Protein

When it comes to building amazing muscles, protein is your very best friend. They are your true BFF! The chances are that if you’ve been hitting the gym for some time now, or building up your lifting skills and certainly strength, then you already know how valuable protein is.

However, as new and conflicting research seems to constantly emerge, claims from nutritionists, trainers, and protein-boosting supplements on the market do not go hand in hand. With that in mind, it’s hard to separate protein fact from fiction, and figure out what’s right for your dietary needs.

The truth is that answering the question of how much protein any average guy might need is a tough task. After all, your protein needs depend on how strenuous your workouts are, how often you work out, and exactly how much you weigh. For instance, an average desk-jockey might need somewhere around 0.36 grams of protein a day, per pound. On the other hand, a professional body builder is going to need a lot more to keep those muscles ripped.

What we can tell you is which sources of protein you’re going to need to build up those all-important muscles, and why they’re so crucial in getting the physique of your dreams.

1. Whey Protein

The first form of protein you should be packing into your diet is whey ? a word you’ve probably heard before. Usually, whey is used extensively in meal-replacement powders, as it absorbs into your body super-fast, and lets you get the protein you need quickly and effectively.

At the same time, whey protein contains all of the essential amino acids your body craves for good health, and his high in branch-chain amino acids which promote the development of the immune system boosting substance known as glutamine, and muscle growth. For the best results, get a healthy helping of whey directly after your workout.

2. Casein

You’ll find this nifty source of protein within various supplements and healthy glasses of milk. One of the reasons why casein is such a useful protein option is that it clots and clumps together in your stomach, providing a constant and steady supply of protein. The best way to consume casein is to grab some powder from your local health store and mix it with milk for a muscle-boosting shake that you can chug it down before bed to aid your recovery levels as you sleep.

3. Chicken

Probably the most popular, and tastiest form of protein around, chicken has everything you could possibly want out of a complete amino acid profile, and it’s also exceptionally low in fat if you can avoid eating the skin. Most people eat chicken regularly as part of a rounded diet, and as well as helping the development of muscles, this food source can also decrease LDL and total cholesterol levels for better heart health.

Fried chicken is not as healthy as baked or grilled. Think about this when you are at KFC.

4. Beef

Another delicious option – but admittedly more fattening than chicken – beef should be eaten only in lean cuts, particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. Once again, beef is full of essential amino acid, which makes it an essential source of protein, however it’s also loaded with helpful doses of iron and zinc. Try to consume it around once or twice a week as a meal on the evening, but don’t consume straight after a workout.

You do not want to eat this beef at Jack in the Box or Carl?s Jr. First off, you are paying too much for something that is going to toss a lot of calories at your body. On top of this, they may not even make it like you ask for, ruining the experience, wasting your time, and costing you money.

You are better off eating a burger at a Denny?s, Red Robin, or another type of restaurant where they actually have quality lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and so on to make eating a burger a worthwhile meal. Burger King is pretty good, the best of the fast food bunch but make sure they put on a lot of onions, tomatoes, and lettuce and do not eat so much mayonnaise with the burger (mustard over mayonnaise is preferable). Wendy?s burgers are too small for the price.

If you can grill a burger at home, that is fine too.

5. Fish

For many people, fish is the very best source of protein out there, because of the numerous health benefits offered by its natural fats. For example, eating fish helps to enhance your insulin sensitivity levels, and less insulin leads to less fat deposition. What’s more, a portion of fish can also deliver exceptional health benefits in the form of incredible omega 3 deposits, superlative for boosting brain function, so that you can claim you have both the brains, and the brawn.

6. Eggs and Milk

A great source of protein, eggs are cheap, versatile, and absolutely brimming with minerals and vitamins. Eat your eggs as an omelet with plenty of vegetables tossed in for a great breakfast. At the same time, milk contains a dose of bi-active peptides that improve overall health, while providing the amino acids you need to thrive. Drink it before bed and on a morning with your breakfast for better muscle recovery.

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