The 7 Ultimate Superfoods to Boost Your Body in 2016

You may not have heard of them yet, but by the end of the year you can bet you’ll be singing the praises of every superfood ingredient on our list. New and improved health heroes are being introduced on an almost constant basis, which is fantastic for fitness fans who want to mix something new into their diet.

From and recover from a particularly challenging workout, to supplements that will actually help you to perform better in the bedroom, the following items are sure to become a staple in your healthy diet.

7 Ultimate

1. Lucuma Fruit for Heart Health

7 Ultimate  in 2016

It’s easy to see why this superfood, taken from the depths of Peru, was once so popular with Inca warriors ? the benefits it offers to your cardiovascular health are practically endless. The chances are that as we move further into 2016, you’ll be hearing plenty more about the benefits of Lucuma fruit, thanks to the results of a study published by the Journal of Medicinal Food.

According to this research, Lucuma is capable of fighting off the risk of diabetes by reducing your level of blood pressure, and reducing the amount of blood sugar in your system. Most commonly, you’ll find this ingredient in powdered form, which means you can add it easily to your morning smoothie!

2. Spirulina for Strong Muscles


Another ingredient for your daily shake that you may never have heard of, Spirulina is a greenish-blue micro algae that has been on the planet for literally billions of years. Despite its long history, we’re only just starting to make use of the benefits of Spirulina, as research from the Journal of Biomedical Sciences and Medicine have recently discovered that it’s capable of increasing isometric muscle strength by up to 22%. What’s more, this supplement is packed with branched-chain amino acids that are perfect for reducing the amount of damage your muscles are exposed to during exercise.

3. Teff for Workout Recovery

Last year, the health shelves were full of items packed with quinoa – but this year, we may have found something even better. Teff is full of more protein than any other grain you’ll find on the market, and it’s also brimming with a substance called lysine ? an amino acid responsible for speeding up muscle repair. You don’t need to do much to fit this substance into your diet, either, just pack it into a shake and gulp after a tough workout.

Teff will not make you as strong as Captain America but it can do wonders for you nonetheless.

4. Matcha for Weight Loss

Cup of tea, anyone? Trading in your regular morning brew with a cup of Matcha green tea could help to make you thinner by lowering your BMI, waist circumference, and body fat mass. On top of this, Matcha will also help to shrink the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol in your system.

5. Baobab for Beating Hunger


This fruit can do incredible things for your health, although today it’s still largely unheard of. Researchers from a university in Oxford have conducted studies that commend the high nutritional values of Baobab ? the most impressive perhaps being its high contents of fiber. Baobab contains about ten times more fiber than an apple, and helps to slow your digestive system so that you feel fuller for longer, without adding any unnecessary calories to your diet.

6. Maca for a Better Sex Life

This Peruvian plant is a bedroom miracle that is only recently beginning to see some attention across the United States and England. All you need to do to get a great boost in your libido is add this superfood to your porridge or smoothies. Known as “nature’s Viagra”, Maca was recently discovered to improve your sex drive and prevent erectile dysfunction by scientists of the Pusan National University.

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Well, there are others ways too. Maca is certainly better for you than a McDonald?s Big Mac or some soda.

7. Seaweed for Keeping Hormones in Check

Seaweed is full of vitamins C and A, as well as plenty of body-healthy calcium – but that isn’t the reason why it’s a new superfood for 2016. Rather, its popularity is sure to increase this year after research taken from the USA National Academy of Sciences found that it’s high in a substance missing in almost every other food – iodine. Iodine is crucial in keep your thyroid gland (responsible for hormone maintenance) in check, which should reduce levels of fatigue and help you to feel better on a daily basis.

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