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Top 5 Tricks for Sustaining Energy Boosts

There are some studies out there that we’d rather just ignore the results of – but the sad truth is that scientists suggest napping might be bad for our health. While it’s hard to imagine something better than snoozing in front of the television after a big meal or a long day at work, nodding off for longer than forty minutes at a time outside of your normal bedtime hours could increase your risk of suffering from metabolic syndrome.

For those who haven’t heard of this worrying condition before, metabolic syndrome is a health problem that leads to the build-up of excess fat around the stomach or waist, as well as higher than normal blood pressure. According to the college of cardiology in America, the best fix for this common issue is to harness your body’s natural sources of energy and move past those mid-day slumps. How?

The following five tips should have you revving up your engines and maintaining better energy in no time.

1. Think in Threes

Three may actually be the magic number in more ways than you originally thought. Breaking down your meals and snacks into energy takes between two and three hours, and if you go any longer than that without nibbling on something, the chances are that your energy levels will start to dwindle. The best way to maintain a fantastic body and keep going with all-day energy is to adjust your eating habits and choose a diet of eating little and often.

Try to make sure that you get a regular mix of sweetness, fiber, protein, and fat throughout the day. No, eating at McDonald?s every day and having a large soda on top of that horrendous food does not cut it. This is no good to anybody and that includes you.

2. Go Lean

As food reaches your stomach, it’s attacked by enzymes that are responsible for converting those particles into foods. Proteins are transformed into amino acids, while fats turn into fatty acids and carbs turn into sugars. Foods that are higher in fat content are often harder for your body to digest, which takes up a large amount of your energy levels.

The best way to maintain more energy throughout the day is to choose lean protein instead of fatty meats and snacks. Think grilled chicken instead of cheeseburgers, and only have that grease-laden fast food if you’re planning on exercising more that day. No one is saying you can never eat fast food, you can avoid McDonald?s though, but if you do have fast food for that day make sure you spend another 10 minutes on the elliptical machine, playing basketball, or jogging around the park, for example.

3. Get Instant Energy Surges

Tricks for Sustaining

The food that we consume can be turned into glycerol by the level, which develops into blood-stream glucose ? the fuel that your body needs in its purest of forms. This substance is absorbed by your cells to provide you with the energy that you need. For a quick energy boost, downing a sports drink that contains between 6 and 8 percent glucose should be enough for an instant surge.

If you can try to avoid the energy drinks and sports drinks that have been packed full of artificial flavors and sweeteners, then you won’t have to worry as much about burning off that extra fuel the next time you hit the gym.

4. Get into the Cycle

Deep inside of your body’s cells are tiny engines that help your body to run exactly like it’s supposed to. These engines are known as mitochondria, and they utilize the glucose that flows through your blood stream as a way of producing the chemical ATP ? or adenosine tri-phosphate, as well as creatine phosphate. These substances are what give your cells the “go” they need.

While mitochondria naturally start to seize up with age, you can help to keep them revving by cycling for about ninety minutes three times a week. If you do not have cycling machine or a bicycle, a treadmill is fine, running is suitable, playing some tennis, basketball, and so on.

5. Force Your Brain to Work

Top Tricks for Sustaining

When you place new or unusual demands on your body that can’t be completed through habit, your power grid is forced to respond. The pituitary gland in your brain signals that your liver needs to release glycerol into the blood stream which can then be delivered as energy in the form of glucose.

If you’re looking for an energy boost, one option could be to make your brain work differently by using your weaker hand. Using your weaker hand for simple tasks that you would automatically do with your dominant hand repairs damaged connections within the brain and builds brand new pathways for energy transfer.

This is also sensible for another reason, what happens if something happens to your dominant hand? What happens if you break it one day or sprain a finger on your main hand, it is good to be somewhat capable with your weaker hand and so on. Then you will be able to be somewhat productive and not struggle so much if you are ever in that situation.

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