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Easy Options to Burn more Fat on a Busy Schedule

Struggling to find the time for a comprehensive workout between family commitments, professional deadlines, and the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix or busy reading about the next Transformers movie? You’re not alone. More than fifty percent of men would take a day off from the gym in order to make time for a work-related project. The truth is that we just spend more time working, than working out.

Well, in this recession where every dollar counts, that is not hard to believe but this does not mean you still cannot work out. Your health always matters since if you are not healthy you will not be as productive and you will not be as productive for as many years as you could be and this will always ring true.

However, if your non-stop lifestyle prevents you from hitting the gym as hard as you’d like, you don’t have to sacrifice your health just yet. There are a few fat-loss health-boosting tips out there that you can apply to everyday life as a way of avoiding sedentary health issues.

Options to Burn more Fat on a Busy Schedule

1. Make the Most of Your Coffee

Your choice of morning beverage could actually make all of the difference between a super-charged body, and a super-sized one. A cup of coffee with milk and sugar hides an extra one hundred calories to your breakfast when compared to an average Americano.

If you’re not a fan of bitter coffee, you can always boost your brain and your metabolism with a cup of green-tea instead. The catechins within will maximize your metabolic rate while reducing stress and lowering your body’s chances of storing excess fat around your stomach.

Not only does green tea help to calm you down, but it helps you to expose of excess calories too. If you’re really tight for time, you can always condense the various benefits of green tea down into a single matcha shot. And you cannot beat that!

2. Work on Your Workout

Just because you might not be able to fit an hour’s worth of exercise into your day doesn’t mean you have to give up completely. Instead, just make sure that each minute you get really counts. High intensity interval training and full-body workouts help to make the most of your routine in a shorter amount of time.

Try to make sure that you use bodyweight training for a variety of compound exercises that help to work as many of your muscles at once in one go. Not only will this build strength faster, but it will rev up your metabolism too.

What floor do you work on? If you work on the first floor you do not have to think about this but if you work on 2nd story all the way to the 10th, why take an elevator? There is nothing wrong with taking the stairs. This way you obtain some exercise either way and you really do not have to set aside any special time to engage in this. It will exercise your heart and lower body ? perhaps even upper body a little if you are carrying anything.

3. Rise and Shine

The early bird really does catch the worm when it comes to fitness. If you can get up twenty minutes earlier than usual, then this gives you at least ten minutes for a quick HIIT circuit before you sit down for breakfast. Engaging in a cardio routine after fasting helps to burn twenty percent more fat than the average gym session after a meal. What’s more, it helps to improve the way your body responds to sugary treats, so you’re less likely to become a victim of diabetes.

Simply put, waking up early for a burpee blast isn’t just a poignant way to get rid of those extra inches around your waist, it can also be an essential method of adding years onto your life.

4. Have better Snacks

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Put down the chocolate biscuits and ditch the chips – your snacking habits need to be a lot smarter if you want to stay healthy and shed the pounds. Make sure that the snacks you eat aren’t responsible for releasing extra insulin into your blood stream, as this can trigger fat storage. Instead, stick to protein based foods like beef jerky that help to fuel muscle growth.

Almonds are also a spectacular option for snacks that are full of healthy fats, and researchers have found that consuming only a handful a day can be enough to decrease body fat percentage and promote smaller waistlines. Other high-fiber snacks like pears and kale crisps will help to keep you fuller for longer throughout the day, too.

5. Go Back to Nature

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Finally, whenever you see an opportunity to head outside, take a walk, or simply get some fresh air – do it. If this means walking through a park on your way home from work, then do that, if you can get outside once a week to play a game of two hand touch or flag football or basketball with your friends, that’s judicious too. Whatever contributes to getting you out of your office chair and battling the blubber is sure to make a good start.

At the same time, getting out of the office or changing up your scenery every once in a while is a good way to fight back against stress. A landscape desktop background or potted plant can have a genuine calming effect, but nothing refreshes you like getting outside!

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