Smart is Sexy: 7 Ways to Maximize Brain Health

If you’re looking for ways to make your brain bigger and your memory banks more secure, then the answer may be in hitting the gym. According to research taken from the University of Cambridge, burning off extra calories is one of the best ways not only to keep your muscles bulging, but your grey matter in shape too.

The latest research conducted by Cambridge University suggests that calorie burning is a sagacious way to keep your brain healthy, as extra and unwanted fat could be a factor in memory loss. In fact, some overweight people have trouble remembering their last meal. If you want to hit the perfect brain goals, then the chances are you need to start by sculpting a body of steel first.

1. Go Running after a Big Night Out

If you’ve had a few too many pints on a Friday night and you want to kick your brain into high gear, then grabbing your sneakers may be a better alternative than turning to aspirin.

Around thirty minutes of sprinting at a reasonable pace should be enough to reverse the alcohol-induced brain damage that comes with over-doing it at the bar. According to research, however, it doesn’t count if you top it off with a fried meal or a greasy cheeseburger ? so try to afford some of the more traditional hangover cures.

2. Grab some Meat

If you stock up on chicken or other meats that are full of brain-boosting protein, you’ll not only benefit your muscles, but your mind too. Consuming the right foods just before a workout can help to super-charge the neurotransmitters in your head so you can access better brainpower and a healthier body at the same time. Look for meat that’s high in protein and other beneficial vitamins.

3. Green Power

Want a quick and simple way to boost your brain power? It could be as simple as switching your view of concrete and buildings to a field or forest. Research has found that moving towards greener and more natural areas during your workout could help to improve mental health and ward off the signs of anxiety and depression at the same time. In other words, if you’re going for a run, try to find a scenic area that you can run to, rather than just pounding the pavement.

This does not mean you should running in remote areas alone though, certainly females. Being adventurous is one thing, being foolish is another. If you carry a firearm, a small handgun, that is fine. That could just save your life. Do not have a handgun, buy one. Do not believe in gun ownership, run in a safe visible place and do not practice this idea then.

Do not feel bad if you do not live in any green areas with running trails. If you are exercising, you are doing the right thing and enough. Running while watching The Good Wife, Transformers, The Wire, House of Cards, or whatever is just smart ? you are getting two things done at once. If you can run outside through a forest or a park and you feel safe, then go get it done. Not everyone has that type of time though. If you run outside and then also during your favorite show, outstanding!

Regarding a firearm, you may come across a wild dog or even a mountain lion, you are going to want to have more than a taser but a taser is better than nothing too!

4. Just Relax

If a long day at work has left you feeling like you’ve tackled a few titans throughout the morning, then make sure you get your rest by the time you get home. Even one night of sleep deprivation can be enough to release chemicals that lower your brain function and hurt your progress. If nothing else, try to take a quick nap and rejuvenate whenever you get the chance. Trust us, sitting back and relaxing is an essential part of your workout routine.

5. Lower the Pressure

You may not know this, but high blood pressure can be just as bad for your mind as it is for your heart. In fact, blood pressure that is too high can cause lesions in the brain that lead to significant problems such as dementia later in life. The best thing you can do is switch up your diet to promote lower pressure levels. For example, snack on a handful of walnuts every day and you’ll lower some of the molecules most responsible for bad blood pressure.

6. Try a Mug of Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for an excuse to get more luxury into your day, try introducing a mug of hot chocolate to help keep your mind sharp and repair the flow of blood vessels in the brain. The flavanols in cocoa and the protein that comes from a healthy dose of milk make for a great beverage to fix your brain power.

7. Get Tough

It may sound strange, but the truth is that a strong body equals a strong mind. Studies have found that weak muscles can be linked to a higher risk of mental issues such as dementia, whereas stronger people are far less likely to suffer from issues like Alzheimer’s. In other words, the stronger your muscles are, the stronger your brain will be.

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