Is The Hot Shy Girl Interested? How To Read The Signs

We men like to think of women as mysterious beings. It is certainly the case that most of the time they are able to mystify, mislead, and misdirect us. However, the bamboozling power of the fairer sex need not be so effective if you pay attention.

Vigilance and discernment are especially needed when dealing with the hot shy girl.

To be sure, for most women, if you push them far enough in a particular direction they will fall into shyness. The intelligent, assertive, domineering professional woman is calm and steady when involved in her work. You cannot shake her resolve and determination to succeed. She can hold her own as the point person in a high-power client meeting or as the lecturer in a classroom of a hundred students.

Even afterward, in the more relaxed atmosphere of cocktails and dinner, she remains in complete command of her subject and is able to deploy with some deftness her conversational ability. But one mention of intimacy, relationships, or sex, a single compliment about her eyes, her hair, or her figure will force her to retreat into a girlish blush.

This tends to be the case with women who are outgoing. It is the case with introverted women to even greater degree. Shy girls allow few openings for you to say anything flattering, or take any other action that can lead to a date, an exchange of phone numbers, or even a last name for a Facebook look-up.

Nevertheless, shy women are still women; and as such, they will, if that is their persuasion, take an interest in men. The hot shy girl you have in your sights may have already decided she wants you. It is up to you to close the deal.

She will always give you signs?hints of her interest. These can be subtle and easy to miss. Playing out scenarios is the best way of pointing out what to look for.

Let?s say your shy beauty is part of a larger group and you?re all going out to dinner. You get round a table at the bar, order drinks, and wait for the table at which you will eat to become available. You?re on one side; she is on another. You are wrapped up in your individual conversations. At some point, you exert yourself in a way that captures everyone?s attention. You go on to make an interesting observation or argument on some topic or other. Your girl is especially tuned to you. After you finish, she is the only one who picks up where you left off. When the hostess comes to escort the group to your table, your girl maneuvers her way to a spot across from you or next to you. That is a sign.

Shy beauties are often bookish. They do not readily respond to male attention because they have spent their lives so committed to reading and education that they missed that phase of life in which they were supposed to learn how to flirt. It is not competence they lack but confidence. However, she will respond when, as a learned man yourself, you bring up an intellectual topic. A sure sign that she is interested is if she engages with your topic, and then moves the two of you to another one. If she smiles and steals glances as she?s doing all of this, then you know you?ve got her.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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