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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

The Tell-tale Signs a Girl Likes and Is?Attracted to You

If you were being completely honest with yourself, how many times have you been in a situation where you wanted to be able to read a woman’s mind?

Going as far back as elementary school where you passed a simple yes or no tick box, with do you like me on it, we?ve craved the attention of women. Sadly, in the modern age, it?s not quite so simple to be able to get a direct answer out of women.

Instead of a yes or no tick box all you get is a left or a right swipe.

The bad news is, many of you will be oblivious to the things women do every day when they are interested in you. You may be strolling through your life completely unaware, whilst the hot girl from the bar walks away disappointed.

The good news; salvation is at hand! This guide will take you through everything you need to know about reading the telltale signs that a lady is into you.

Woman Reveals 5 Signals She Can’t Help Sending

What Her Body Language is Telling You

The first and probably most potent skill to learn is reading body language. The great thing about the way the human body works is that 99% of the time, we are unaware of what our bodies are saying about us.

Reading body language and influencing a person using body language is used throughout the world. It’s used in everything from sales to politics, and it translates perfectly into telling if a woman likes you.

Knowing what it means when a girl touches her hair, leans in close or keeps making physical contact with you can be a powerful tool in knowing how to make the most of every situation.

Look at Her Body Position

Have you ever been speaking to a girl and you felt like she wasn?t really that interested? Maybe she was facing away from you, was on her phone or was answering you with one-word answers.

Chances are, she gave you some pretty big indications. She may not have been interested and because you didn’t notice, the situation just got worse. By understanding and noticing these visual cues her body makes, you can read her body language and come up with a better strategy.

All great athletes have a game plan, and so should you. Understanding what her body position is saying about you can be powerful in timing your approach and the flow of the conversation.

When a woman likes you, she will face in your direction, you are the main factor of her attention. If a woman has her torso turned towards you in an open manner that means she?s intrigued by the conversation and wants to know more about you.

Another thing to watch out for is which way her feet are pointing. In the same way as her torso if her feet are unconsciously pointing towards you that can be a sign she is into you or at the least interested in what you are saying.

Body language is a huge indicator of attraction, and these are unconscious signs that are hard to duplicate consciously or to fake. If she seems safe around you and is open to wanting you her feet and torso will show it.

This is especially true in a group of five people or more if she?s showing you both of these signs, she is definitely interested in you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if she?s facing away from you, her arms are crossed or her legs are folded; She?s either shy or she?s creating a barrier between both of you. Watch where her eyes are going to, if she keeps looking at the door to see who keeps coming in, she?s probably waiting for a better option to come along, you better grab her attention, quick!

#1 Way to Know How She Really Feels

Does She Look at You When She Laughs

Many of you may know that laughter is the key to the soul, but not many realize it?s also a key indicator of interest you can get from a woman that she’s flirting with you. There are many biological and psychological reasons for this.

If you are with a group of friends and you are the person she looks to first when everyone starts laughing this can be a good sign. It can show that she is genuinely interested in your reaction and wants to see if you find it funny too.

She does this because she wants to make an evaluation of you and is subconsciously making judgments on what you think is funny and whether you could work together well as a pair.

If she looks at other people also whilst laughing, don?t panic. This might just be an indicator of social acceptance. If she keeps swaying towards you she is definitely interested.

Be careful not to be too obvious looking at her though, this can lead to things getting awkward quickly if she thinks you are analyzing her the same as she is you.

If you’re curious how women judge a man’s interest level, check out this article on signs that a woman looks for to know if a man likes her.

Watch What Her Eyes Are Telling You

Ready for some science? When women see something they are psychologically attracted to, their pupils will increase up to three times to increase the amount of light to receive the stimulant.

It sounds awesome when you consider that you are stimulating her, but make sure to not misread these signs. You want to be looking for the change in her pupils as other factors can make her pupils dilate such as sunlight or alcohol.

One of the best times to pay close attention to her eyes is when you offer her something or ask her a question. If you see her pupils dilate this is a really big sign she?s into you.

Beyond the science, you will also find that if a woman holds your gaze for a few seconds, or if she instantly glances down as soon as she makes eye contact this can also mean that she is into you.

You?ll sometimes find more confident women will happily hold your gaze, whilst a shy girl might not be so inclined to do so. This can be a great way to figure out what kind of women you are dealing with, depending if you prefer shy or more outgoing women.

Is She Trying to Get Close to You / Accidentally Touching You

This is one of the strongest signs of interest which is also one of the easiest to pick up on. Although remember that a lot of this will depend on the context of the situation.

If a girl bumps into you in a crowded bar, it could just be a crowded bar. When a girl bumps into you a few times and keeps touching you in a different situation, now that?s a great indicator of interest!

You?ll find that accidental touching has huge psychological value, you can tell if it?s accidental or not just by applying common sense. This could come in anything from brushing your hand, touching your arm or shoulder and even falling into you.

You may also find that if a woman is trying to position herself closer to you and is brushing her leg against you, this can be another sign she?s into you. Try and get close to her and touch her hand, lower back or face, but make sure you aren?t coming across as creepy.

Watch and observe how she responds to you when you touch her, focus on seeing if her torso and feet are pointing towards you and if her pupils dilate when you touch her, these are all tell-tale signs that she is into you.

Remember that not all girls are into touching, and you shouldn?t think she isn?t into you just because she isn?t touching you. Test the boundaries, just try not to push it too far.

Understanding the Indicators of Interest

When it comes to understanding if a woman likes you, there are more things to consider than just body language alone. Many women will give you other indicators of interest that she is into you.

An indicator is simply a sign that a woman is interested in you. These can come in many forms and this section will delve into understanding what to look out for.

Watch and Respond to Her Compliments

When a girl is complimenting you, it?s worth being aware of what she is complimenting you on. So often, compliments are down to context and the situation you hear them in.

Sometimes, women are looking for ways for you to react to compliments, and can even be sarcastic so make sure not to jump at an opportunity too early. Look out for if she is smiling whilst she asks you these questions and pay attention to her body language when you respond to her.

If she?s complimenting you this can be a very direct way of her showing she is interested and you should pick up on this quickly.

Her Voice Gets Higher

You know when you are shopping for something online, and then in the next few weeks, you see that item everywhere? That is your brain picking up on something that before it gave no attention to.

By training your brain to focus on certain aspects of speaking to women, you will be able to pick up on signs that she is into you a lot easier. A perfect example of this is with her?tone of voice.

This is something which most people unless concentrating will not pick up on. Once you start to focus on how a woman’s tone of voice changes through conversations you can tell a lot about them:

  • If they are bored
  • If they are offended
  • If they are intrigued
  • If they are attracted
  • If they want to jump your bones

The change in voice tone comes from the same unconscious actions category as what we covered in body language. Eyes dilating, feet pointing and torso moving all fit into the same category. This change of voice can be dated back to a primal level when a tone change in voice would be used to attract a mate.

Women will often not even be aware of this change in tone themselves, but when finding a new guy attractive this can happen. The voice will usually change in one or two ways.

Her voice may get more high pitched, more childlike and to a flirty tone. Alternatively, her voice may deepen into a much more sultry tone. The aim with both is to get your attention in a flirty way, women will often feel these changes sound more attractive with an aim to get your attention.

As with watching for other unconscious actions, it?s about noticing the change.

She Tries to Get Your Attention or Make You Jealous

Guys, it’s not just us that seeks to make the other species jealous. Women do act very similar to us in a lot of situations. When it comes to something that we want, we want that attention all to ourselves.

There is a great way to tell if a woman likes you whilst also at the same time not putting yourself in a position where you are trying too hard.

In any situation when you meet a new person, you very rarely remember the first thing the person said. But, you do remember the last moment, and the way they made you feel when you left.

With this in mind, when you are speaking to women you feel may be interested in you, give yourself a reason to leave her. I don?t mean running for the next bar, but give yourself a reason to leave the conversation, but make sure you leave on a high.

Make her feel special, do something memorable or leave at the peak of your conversation. Don?t let it bubble down to the point where you both need to walk away because you ran out of a conversation.

When you do this, observe the response you get. If the women turns away and doesn?t give you a second look she could be just not interested. Alternatively, you might not have made a strong enough impression or she’s just better at this than you are.

If you find though that her eyes keep finding yours, she comes over to speak to you again or generally is trying to get your attention, these are all signs she is interested in you.

Some women will take this approach to the next level and try and make you jealous. In this situation, it?s sometimes better not to rise to it and seem undaunted. This keeps you in control of the conversation, and you can decide at what stage you want to speak to her again.

When She Doesn’t Text Back (What Does it Mean)

A lot of guys wonder what it means if a woman doesn’t text back even when she appeared to initially like you.? In this video you’ll discover the real reason a woman doesn’t text back (even if she liked you).

21 Signs a Woman Wants You

Here is a table to quickly review the various signs you should be looking for when trying to determine if a girl wants you or not.

She Gets Closer to YouShe Keeps Making Eye ContactShe Gives Genuine Smiles
She Finds Reasons to Talk to YouShe Asks Your Name She Gives You a Flirty Nickname
She Asks Your Age She Asks if You're SingleShe Lightly Touches You
She Laughs at All Your JokesShe Makes Future PlansShe Sends Random Texts
She Gets JealousShe Wants to Introduce You to Her FriendsShe Playfully Teases You
She Calls You a PlayerShe Pries for Personal InfoShe Plays with Her Hair
She Compliments A lotShe Keeps the Conversation GoingShe Acts Extra Girlie

Video:? A “Test” That Tells You If She Likes you

Here is a video that reveals a test that a woman likes you.? There is also some other important informatin in the video

In the above video you discovered a little “attraction test” that is completely under the radar and lets you how attracted a woman is to you.? The “test” is normally about 75% accurate.

But if you’re looking for more signals that you’re wasting your time and you should move on, then I recommend scanning the list below.

15 Signs She’s Not Interested

Almost as important as recognizing when a woman is interested in you is recognizing when you’re wasting your time with a woman.? Now, women have a habit of sending mixed signals (here’s what hot and cold behavior means), however, some of the clues she might be providing are a sure-sign that you don’t have a chance.? Here are some of the most common clues she’s just not into you.

She Gives One-Word ResponsesShe Waits too Long to Text BackShe Doesn't Want to Be Alone with You
She Doesn't Make Time to Hang OutClosed off Body LanguageShe Isn't Nervous Around You at All
She Gets Uncomfortable When You Move CloseShe is FlakeyShe Won't Be Near You without a Friend
She Makes Excuse to Leave ConversationShe Talks About Guys She's DatingShe Never Touches You
She Says She Has a BoyfriendShe Doesn't Ask Any Personal InfoShe Says You're "Nice"

What to Do When a Woman Likes You? Execution Is Everything

So now you know how to spot the signs of how a woman likes you, but what do you do with that information from there?

The trouble with many people is they simply do no execute and wait too long until the moment has passed. When this happens they can then reassure themselves that it wasn?t meant to be and keep on making the same mistakes time and time again.

When you observe these moments where women are showing you interest, remember to take action. One sign, such as her making eye contact may be just a small tell, but if you are getting more than two or three of the above signs those are serious green lights.

This is when you need to start making your moves, and drawing in the conversation. Make sure to not just keep it on one level. Tease her about something, try to bring sexuality into the conversation without coming off as creepy or crass, escalate your own body language by holding her eye contact, touching her hand or back.

Use all of the things that you know are indicators of interest for her and use them back on her.

The Direct Approach May Give You More Answers

Here is the other stepping stone that so many people fall down on. They get stuck on an answer when they could simply just ask.

So many girls will not want to escalate a situation. They are waiting for you, the guy, to make the first move to the next step. Women will often match you on these escalations you make but will be scared of rejection if they act first.

Remember you don?t have to jump in with anything she might be uncomfortable with. I wouldn?t suggest you ram your tongue down her throat at the first sign of her liking you. However, you can be direct.

There?s nothing wrong with saying to a girl exactly what you are thinking. Tell her you are interested in her, you find her attractive, ask her if she finds you attractive don?t be scared to be bold. For most women, it?s a refreshing change, just remember not to come across as sleazy.

Time to Take Your? Knowledge of Whether or Not She Likes You out into the World

Remember that you can have all the knowledge in the world, yet if you don?t act on that knowledge then you are no better. The great news about body language and indicators of interest is that they can apply to every portion of your life.

Practice reading body language at work, at your local coffee shop, and for sure the next time you?re at the bar. If you aren?t confident enough to put yourself out into the field straight away you can even observe someone else in a?conversation.

Watch how women react to other men and what they say and learn to read the signs of interest. Once you understand how to read when a woman is interested in you, knowing when to act and escalate becomes a whole lot easier.

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