Review of NeuroActiv6 by NaturalCell

Can This Brain Health Supplement Bring You A Better Quality of Life?

Neuroactiv6 first caught my attention because it has a unique set of benefits. This supplement?s ingredients promise to improve brain function, reduce stress and reverse the effects of aging on the mind.

The main reason that I chose to try this instead of some other supplement: all the benefits Neuroactiv-6 promises are related to quality of life. A lot of supplements get caught up in side benefits, and they lose sight of the ultimate goal for everyone who buys these products. This one universal goal is a better quality of life.

What is Neuroactiv-6 and what does it do?

The big question with any new supplement is whether it can deliver on its promises without creating any nasty side effects. I felt at ease with Neuroactiv-6 because it is made from natural ingredients.

Neuroactiv6 was created by a company called NaturalCell. The ?natural? in its name seems fitting. A quick glance at the ingredients, which the company publishes openly on the Neuroactiv-6 web page, shows that they are, indeed, all natural.

Each ingredient is meant to provide a specific benefit. The herb Ashwagandha, for example, has been proven be research to reduce stress and enhance mood. Turmeric is a root that can aid cognitive functions, and Neuroactiv?s central ingredient, a compound called NeuroFactor, is made using the whole fruit of the coffee plant. This unique ingredient helps to reverse the loss of an essential protein called brain-derived neuropath factor, or BDNF. Clinical studies have linked lower levels of BDNF with poor brain function.

Another unfamiliar-sounding ingredient, citicoline, is actually a natural brain nutrient that studies have shown has potent anti-aging benefits.

Better mental performance

This is where the quality of life idea comes in. If the ingredients in Neuroactiv6 work like they are supposed to, and research suggests that they will, then the product bring about things like better concentration and better overall ?mental performance? along with lower levels of stress and anxiety.

When you really think about it, non-optimal brain function is a problem that you want to deal with as soon as possible. Many people, myself included, go through long stretches during the day when they are operating in a kind of ?mental fog.? This doesn?t mean that we are in need of psychological help or anything, it is just that we aren?t focused and have a hard time concentrating on anything. This state of mind can hurt work performance, but, more importantly, this ?fog? means that we are just not getting the most enjoyment out of our life.

So, when I first picked up a bottle of Neuroactiv-6, I was hopeful that it could help end this habit of falling into a mental haze.

One month trial

I started with a one month supply. Within a week, I noticed that I was able to concentrate at work for longer periods of time. It seemed like a completely organic change: I was able to focus on a task without having to remind myself ?it?s time to concentrate now.? I just did it.

About two weeks into the month, I had to deal with a major mistake in a project that I was working on with two other people. We were able to clear it up in a couple of days. It wasn?t until afterwards, during the weekend, that I realized that the whole process of fixing this problem had seemed really smooth. In the past, I would have stayed up at night worrying and sat there with a knot in my stomach, physically feeling the stress of having to redo this complicated project.

That didn?t happen this time. I was able to handle the stress and anxiety so well that I didn?t even know that I was supposed to be stressed.

By the end of the month, I was pretty convinced about Neuroactiv6?s benefits. In a way, I felt much younger. Yes, other products can make you feel younger physically, but this one makes you feel younger mentally. The fog was indeed lifted. I was reacting to everything that happened without any anxiety, and I was doing tasks with full focus instead of muddling through them and getting distracted multiple times.

So it turns out that I was right about the prediction that Neuroactiv-6 would bring a better quality of life.

What about the quality of the product?

My final question: Does this better quality of life come from a quality product? I appreciated that NaturalCell is transparent about what ingredients and dosages are in its product. This meant that I could research effects and look at clinical studies myself instead of just trusting what they told me.

NaturalCell also has an in-house Quality Assurance Department that uses US FDA standards to not only verify that the ingredients are of high quality, but to inspect each batch of Neuroactiv-6 before it goes onto the market. This combination of transparency and quality control was reassuring.

I wouldn?t hesitate to recommend Neuroactiv6 to anyone who wants to improve their mental performance and lower their anxiety. Because of the quality of life aspect to this product, I would say that anyone and everyone should at least give it a try for a month like I did.

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