What She Really Thinks Of You In Bed

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Learning the signs that will help you protect your sexual reputation

Your performance in bed matters. You cannot afford to be indifferent to what women think of your sexual abilities. Even if you think yourself a player, the number of women you go around with will pale in comparison to the number who learn through gossip that you suck in the sack.

Yes, girls talk about this kind of thing?especially when a guy is exceptionally bad in bed. In case you haven?t figured it out yet, the women you hook up with are likely to be in your social circle or one that is connected to it.

Think about it.

The girl you picked up the other day during after work happy hour drinks is in or near enough to your profession to know or eventually meet another girl you have or want to hook up with. If you are dating a fellow student, word of your performance will spread like wildfire?and you will know nothing about until you become the object of sneers, mockery, and malicious giggling.

You must protect your sexual reputation. The only way to do that is to learn what she really thinks of you in bed. And there will be signs.

A few words on size

I have spoken with many women on this and I can confirm the truth of the conventional wisdom: size doesn?t matter, or perhaps it is better to say that it doesn?t matter that much.

To be sure, big dick is a good thing. If you are well-endowed (seven inches or more), then you already have an advantage.

The extremes, however, are not so good.

Bear in mind that the porno girls you see taking monster cocks are acting; they are faking it for the camera. A penis that is too big is uncomfortable for obvious reasons. If yours is in this category (anything over twelve inches?yes, I know you?ve measured it), you can still give her pleasure.? Be gentle and calm; allow her to take the lead in directing the pace and direction of movement. This will allow her to get off in her own way.

She will not gossip about you for having a penis that is too large. In fact, she will guard that secret with her life?less some girl who is into big ones comes along and tries to snatch you.

You will have a problem if your dick is too small.

I have it on reliable authority that a penis that is excessively small (less than five inches) is not one that can be worked with. Be honest about where you stand. There is nothing you can do about the biology, but you can take other measures to ensure she has a great time and gives you a great report.

Women can have all kinds of orgasms?they can cum by means of oral and anal sex, nipple play, and kissing. Experiment a little and learn what she responds to. A small dick need not keep you from being known as a fantastic lover.


Women who are truly enjoying themselves in bed do not scream throughout. If she does this, she is probably faking it. Dirty talk during the first time you make love is also suspect. Moaning, sighing, heavy breathing, sharp random squeals?these are all signs that she really likes what you are doing to her. She must concentrate intensely in order to cum. Silence often indicates that she is getting off.

Assertiveness and experimentation

If she really likes what you do for her, she will not wait for you to make the first move in future sexual encounters. A sexually satisfied woman can be as aggressive as the horniest teenage boy. Not only that she will also want to experiment, and even engage in risky behavior such as sex in public places. She might even suggest lezing out, doing a threesome with another woman, or taking it in her other tight spot (but more on that some other time).


When smoking was still in vogue, a very good woman friend of mine told me that smoking after sex was a sign of complete satisfaction. I never have been a smoker, but she told me to think of it this way: it is like the best cigarette you have ever had. ?I asked her what she did when the sex was bad. ?Two cigarettes?, she replied, ?too calm my nerves and ease my frustration?. I think that says it all. I need add nothing more.

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About Christopher Reid Chris was born in Washington, D.C. and lives in Britain. He works as a blogger, essayist, and novelist. His first book, Tea with Maureen, has just been published.

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