Reading Women Using Micro-Expressions.

Knowing What She Really Thinks is Written on Her Face.

Have you ever been on a date and had the itching feeling something wasn?t right? You can?t put your finger on it, but she doesn?t seem genuine. It is a gut instinct letting you know she is hiding something. There is a good chance she is; many people are.

Sadly, it will take deeper investigation and questioning, which often leads to more avoidance of the truth, or more deception. What you need is a way to determine if she is being straight with you or not. That is where micro-expressions come in.

What the Hell is a Micro-Expression?

Micro-expressions are small, barely perceptible actions the body takes unconsciously. Unless a person has been trained to control and prevent these actions, they occur all the time. For instance, our instinct, whether basic human or societal, is to tell the truth. When we lie, our mind and body must be directed to lie. It is in the moment between hearing a question and the decision to lie, where micro-expressions can occur.

You may have heard of body language as a guide to reading people. When a woman sees an attractive man, she might play with her hair. This is an indication of attraction and availability. Most men have some minor education or understanding of body language and can read this.

However, body language is pronounced and sometimes controlled, whereas micro-expressions are not. What if she doesn?t play with her hair? How do you know if she is attracted? Make eye contact and look at her pupils. During arousal our pupils dilate, giving a clear micro-sign that she sees something she likes.

Micro-expressions are varied, but are universal. When you understand what they are and when they occur, you can be more confident in approaching, seducing, bedding and dating women. Just remember, micro-expressions are not foolproof. However, they do indicate something, and finding out what it is might be important.

What are you seeing and what does it mean?

Most micro-expressions happen within the face. This is good for you since it means watching her face and not her breasts. As you talk or ask questions, watch her entire face, and look for the very subtle changes or reactions she has. They point to things like lying, shame, sadness, joy, arousal or desire. Let?s explore how some of these manifest.

Lying ? If you are planning to date or sleep with a woman, there are things you need to know. What was her last relationship like? Does she sleep around a lot? Is she potentially psychotic? You are going to ask questions to find out. As you ask questions, or listen to her relate stories, watch the eyes.

Lies, whether new or recalled, require thinking. Watch for a quick movement of the eyes upwards, or to the side. This is an involuntary reaction centered around ?looking for an answer.? Maintaining eye contact while delivering falsehoods is difficult. Closed ended questions that require a yes or no may result in a nearly imperceptible, opposite nod or shake of the head before the lie is told, giving away the true answer.

Shame ? People often do things in their lives they aren?t proud of. However, most try to put a ?happy? face on when they talk about it. If a woman is ashamed of something she did, and you can?t tell, you may open a can of worms later. As she talks, watch her mouth. Shame can present itself as a slight pursing of the lips, or a down-turned corner as the memory is processed. Something about that situation caused shame or sadness, so move the conversation to a lighter topic. The last thing you want is a woman feeling regret while you are trying to hit a home run.

Desire ? This is where the rubber meets the road. Knowing if she wants more than dinner is key. You don?t want to be the guy standing at her front door wondering if the invite is coming. Watch her closely during conversation. These micro-expressions combine with body language and tell you everything.

When she talks about you, watch for a forward nod towards you. Pay attention to the pupils during key parts of the conversation. Also, do her eyes narrow, like a bird of prey, just for a moment? Watch her mouth for the slight mischievous upturn to the corner. Learn to look for hot spots, such as ears, neck or chest. These are areas where blood flow may increase, creating a momentary flash or blush of red during arousal.

Now you know, so what do you do next?

Armed with some knowledge about micro-expressions, what do you do with it? The examples I talked about are not all of them. This means you must watch for them, then determine what they might mean. It isn?t about calling her out as a liar or ridiculing her. They impart knowledge to help you proceed.

If your goal is to get her into bed, then you are looking for indications about what she is open to and if you have a chance. Micro-expressions are great when meeting a woman for the first time, as you can determine right away if you’re wasting your time. You will know if that number she gave you is connecting you to a pizza joint.

You do not want to consider dating her without some knowledge. You need to know if she is honest with you, and worth dating. She may have a romantic past that makes her dating future suspect or challenging. You don?t want to date a woman that is punishing you for every ?bad? male in her past. Learning to read her can take a lot of the guesswork out of finding the right match.

You can also determine a clear indication of your boundaries. You are a man with desires, and you want a mate that matches those desires closely. Perhaps you are not content with one partner. Many women give in to open relationships or multi-partner interactions, just to please her man. Knowing how to read her when you discuss it, helps you determine the good and bad of the prospect. The easiest way is if she has any experiences surrounding this, and shame comes through as she divulges.

Micro-expressions can help you in determining the long-term possibilities with a woman. How does she react on a micro level when you mention kids? Does she show a negative reaction to the thought of being in another state or country? What does she show when you talk about your career and professional dreams? Everything you learn early on helps with decisions about your future with her.

It may not be possible to fully understand women, but it is possible to understand humans. Micro-expressions are basic human reactions. It isn?t a foolproof science; however, micro-expressions help you make better decisions with women. Your confidence when meeting and talking to women grows as you learn and understand the signs. You will tailor your questions to better generate micro-expressions. Just be clear in what you are seeing, and use it as a guide to proceed. Snap judgments will leave you holding the bag at the end of the night, if you know what I mean.

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