Dating Sites: Helping You Get Laid or Trying to Screw You?

Insight into making smart decisions with your dating money.

Dating is not the same as it used to be. Once upon a time, you went to the grocery store, a laundromat or a bar to pick up women. It was a challenge because you had to do it in person. It was just you and whatever lame pick-up line you were trying out.

Now the scenery has changed. We don?t even have to put on clothes to pick up women. Ease of access to millions of women presents options beyond belief. No matter what you are looking for, it is available. You can go with standard vanilla dating sites, hookup sites, arrangement sites, religion-based sites, and for the more daring, fetish sites catering to the ?extreme? tastes.

Of course, this is awesome for men. All you need to do is decide what you want for the day and go after it. Easy, right? Maybe; maybe not. There is one thing that will throw a curve ball in all of this: money. Yep, money, the root of all evil. Everybody wants it, and most will do anything to get it. Even if this means taking advantage of you.

Monetizing a website is not unusual. Goods and services transacting is what makes capitalism work, even virtually. Dating sites are no different; however, because of the industry they serve, manipulation and greed are key factors with many of them. Preventing yourself from being taken advantage of is up to you.

The insight I am presenting here centers around one thing I am very vocal about: men think with their dicks. It happens every day, but it needs to be controlled to have real success with women, whether dating, screwing or maintaining friendships. When it comes to dating websites, it will also save you time, frustration and money.

I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.

No matter the type of dating site, advertising is the key to drawing members. This often leads sites to make grand claims about offerings and their membership base. They are playing to your ?little brain? because they know it is motivating you to look.

Sex sells, and your desire to get laid is how they get paid. So, before you go past the ?free membership? they offer, let?s look at some of the claims for what they really are.

Millions of members worldwide! ? Awesome to hear, but when you pull back the curtains, you realize that this is the number of accounts created. Every website has lots of accounts set up, but does that mean they are actively used? People set up accounts on dating sites all the time, then after a day or so, never touch them again.

Scammers are setting up accounts as well. They want to draw you in and fish for an email or worse. These accounts are not viable, yet still count towards the ?membership? base. Also, what you don?t see in that number is the amount of accounts held by men. Trust me when I tell you, the larger percentage is male.

Lots of women in your area looking! ? Area is a loosely used term by dating sites. Most websites can access your location, and use this to target you. So, when you get an email or are on the home page for a dating site, they are using your zip code to determine area. What you don?t realize is that your ?area? probably encompasses your state.

Yes, your entire state may be your area, and when you search for members, you realize there might be three members within 50-100 miles of you. Feel like going for a drive? It better be a sure thing if you do.

Membership is FREE!! ? This is my favorite claim. Yes, it is free to register. Hell, it is free to look. However, just like most strip clubs, you can look but no touch. If you ain?t payin?, you ain?t playin?. That is the rule you need to understand with dating sites.

Getting a date or getting laid is never free. Whether it is dinner, drinks or a movie, action costs money. Dating sites realize this, so they believe you should pay up front to meet. Otherwise, access to that cute chick living four miles away, might as well be top-secret launch codes.

Some sites let you send messages, but not respond to messages without pay. This is the biggest trick of all. Sure, you can send a message, but you must be sending to a person on the other end that paid for a membership and can respond. It is simple logic, but easily overlooked by the need to get some pussy.

They got me, and I paid. Why am I not getting any action?

You just had to reply to that message and decided to pay for access, didn?t you? Now you are faced with the next layer of bullshit many sites present. Tiered memberships are another way to up the ante on making money.

Not only do many offer tiers for members, there are also add-ons galore, that you can include for a few dollars each month. These add-ons range from tokens used to access ?private? photos of members, access to dating ?profilers? to help you find the ?perfect? match, and my favorite add-on, allowing non-paying members to message you.

Suddenly that twenty dollars a month has boosted to fifty. And, the worst part is that you must give a credit card, sign up for specific time frames and everything purchased will re-bill at the end of your time frame.

If you pay for a site and fail to use it, you are giving away free money. Hell, most men play around sites for a while, then forget about it. But, they also forget that there is a credit card attached and a fee coming due soon. Good luck trying to get that money back!

Finally, the real kicker is that many of the ?members? you are looking at, aren?t active, or even real. The scammers I mentioned are making profiles too. Many with hot ladies, apparently eager for dating or more intimate encounters.

Many of them are vacated profiles that aren?t even monitored by the low-life that created them. That could be the reason your messages are not getting responses. Most men give up on dating sites from the simple fact that no one replies. Sure, your approach may be part of it and I will address this in another article, but mostly you are pissing in the wind.

Look, dating sites are not all scams, but each one makes claims that require upper-brain thinking before you drop your cash. If you truly want to throw some money away, I can give you my PayPal address and you can send there. Otherwise, if you are looking to get fucked, make sure it isn?t the dating site doing it!

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