Lead Women from Pick-Up to Sex Quickly and Easily


How to turn a woman?s first impression into a desire for sex with you.

What does it take to prompt a woman to sleep with you? The school of thought is that women decide if they are going to sleep with a man within a minute. You have 30-60 seconds to make an impact on her.

This doesn?t seem like much time, but proper preparation can make all the difference. Only part of the equation is what you will say in that minute. The rest of the equation is solved BEFORE you approach her.

To generate the right desire in a woman, you need to create sexual tension. How you look and carry yourself, your sexual desire for her and what you DON?T say, are the ingredients to well-brewed sexual tension.

Understand, this is not a ?sexual? approach. Keep your pick-up lines and your thoughts of getting her drunk out of it. Women that jump at pick-up lines or sleep with a willing, liquor buyer are typically not that selective with partners. The night won?t be as much fun as you think.

Your goal is to create a situation that impels her to act on desires you built within her. Remember, think like a man, not like a penis, and you can build desire in most women.

Is that what you are wearing?

Let?s pretend we have all heard the saying ?The clothes make the man.? You may have heard it, but do you get it? Your clothing says a lot about you, especially during first impressions. It is about psychology and manipulating it.

Women by nature are nurturers. A male should make her, and subsequent young (procreation instinct), feel safe and secure. Do your clothes impart that feeling? Odd question, right?

How you dress in a pick-up situation sets a tone. Your clothes don?t have to be designer brands, but they must ?look? the part. Women respond to well-dressed, well-groomed men. They see someone in charge of their appearance. They feel confidence from a man who wears clothes well.

If you walk into a grocery store in a long-sleeve, button-down shirt and tie, with some nice slacks and shoes, women looking at you instantly determine ?worth.? You are deemed worthy to approach her. You show confidence and purpose by the way you dress.

The real key to being well-dressed is being comfortable with it. This means, incorporate this into your daily life. Make it a habit to be well-dressed, and importantly, well-groomed. Make these two things a part of you, and women will instantly see it, and gravitate to it.

You must want her if you want her to want you.

Creating sexual tension requires desire on your part. You want to get laid, but the desire to get laid is not important. Your desire to have sex with her specifically is important. You need to impart a singular desire for her.

When you see a woman you want to approach, imagine the specifics of what you want to do with her. Imagine her undressed and willing, saying things that turn you on. Build a desire to make these things happen, and let it turn you on.

The main goal in generating this self-desire, is to create a ?state transfer.? Emotions and moods are easily transferred from one human to another. If you are in a bad mood, being around someone in a good mood can reduce your bad mojo. Sometimes it works the opposite way, yet is still a transfer of state.

When you are feeling deep desire for her, your tone, voice and manner of speaking will impart this. If you are saying the right things, in the right way, her state will lean towards desire and need as well.

Remember, this is not about being overtly sexual, just primed for sex. Nothing you say or do is going to point to sex. What you are doing is leading her down the path to your bedroom.

What you say is as important as what you don?t say.

You have your look. You have your desire. Now, what the hell do you say?

First, don?t talk about sex. As soon as you do, she is put into a sense of decision-making. You don?t want this.

Second, don?t fawn over her looks, body or sexiness. Putting her on a pedestal this way gives her control and makes you look desperate. Compliments should be sparse and specific to her as a woman, not an object.

Third, always talk sexually. Sound contradictory? It is, and it isn?t. Look, your goal is to bed this woman. She needs to hear things that make her want to allow it. Your conversation should include descriptive words and innuendo that revolve around ?sexual? thoughts.

For example, if you talk about your workout for the day, use language that garners arousal ? ?I kept pushing harder and harder to finish my reps. I wasn?t sure if I could make it, as it was really hard to keep pumping that iron. I finally finished, and thought I would fall off the bench from being so hot and wet with sweat. But, once I rested for a bit, I wanted to do it again.?

Use double entendres to elicit desire and direct it. ?Come with me.? ?Your eyes are so warm and inviting.? ?I enjoy how open you are to me.? ? these kinds of statements covertly convey desire, implant it and allow her to act, without cluttering her mind with unsure thoughts from direct sexual context.

Read her as you speak. Look for indicators that she is achieving arousal. Keep information about yourself ambiguous, not hidden. You want to create mystery and intrigue, while being ?open? as well. Just remember to seed your conversation with subtle language that speaks to desire.

You don?t have to be a GQ model to attract women, or get them into bed. Yes, there needs to be some attraction, but the right clothes and attitude can elicit attraction. Women need to be led to bed, not fooled into it. This means you need to practice these things. Dress nice, go out and want women, and don?t worry if you fail the first couple of times. Find a groove, tailor your conversation and make sure you represent what you are saying through dress and mood. Women want to have sex, and you can make that happen, as opposed to hoping it might.

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