How To Seduce Your Hot Professor

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Learning the rules of the game

Fraternization between teachers and students is not unheard of in college. In these situations, the relationship is usually between a male academic and an attractive female undergrad. Indeed, the academy is an ideal place for a lusty older man to bed young women. For these men are in incredible positions of power.

I never really believed all the talk of younger women being attracted to older men of distinction and authority. As I get older myself, I realize that it is not myth but actual fact: younger women do like older men; and they are especially attracted to older men of power. Intellect, and the wide knowledge and rhetorical skill displayed by it, is a form of power, especially if you are a student eager to learn.

However, women are not the only ones susceptible to the aphrodisiac of learnedness and professorial authority. We as men are also drawn to power in this form, even if the prof is a woman.

It is no longer a few frumpy old maids who serve as lecturers in university departments. As many hot young female profs walk the halls of academia as male ones. You may be taking a course with one of these scholarly sirens, and you may have sensed that she is not completely closed to the idea of having a liaison with one of the boys under her tutelage.

Approach the matter carefully if you are determined to put yourself in the panties of an irresistible teacher. The seduction of a young woman by an older man is seen as an affirmation of his manliness and power; an older woman who carries out the same act (on a younger man) is, in the mind of the public, a pathetic slut.

The prof you?re after will no doubt be aware of this, and you should be as well. Here are a few more pointers to aid you in your quest:

Don?t mind her awkwardness

No matter the discipline, academia is a tough world for the sisters. It is dominated by energetic, aggressive, highly intelligent men whose entire purpose is to criticize, challenge, and object to one another. Academia is not a realm of harmony and cooperation; it is a realm of the most vigorous debate and argument?tailor-made for alpha males. For a woman to get a teaching job at a university requires an extraordinary effort on her part to match and outdo her male peers.

To succeed in her chosen field she may have decided long ago to give up the cultivation of feminine charm and graces. She may feel awkward about the fact that she is tempted to sleep with a student, and may act out in a way that expresses the exact opposite of what she intends.

Give her room to do this. You should not mind the fact that she by turns flirts with you and insults you. She is probably unfamiliar with showing affection toward men in a conventional way.

Respect her intelligence

If your hot prof has shown interest in you, it is most likely because you are an exceptional student. She apparently sees something in you that she does not see in her colleagues. Women academics tend to marry male academics, mostly because they are the only ones who do not fear their intelligence. You will also be expected to be respectful of her mental power and intellectual interests.

The only way you?ll have a shot at stimulating her loins is if you can stimulate her mind. And the only way to do the latter is to take a genuine interest in what she thinks and the academic work she is engaged in.

Keep your mouth shut

Finally, women academics, more so than their male colleagues, must protect their sexual reputations. She will lose all credibility and respect if it becomes known that she is sleeping with a student. You will have a better chance of seducing your hot prof by proving that you can keep your mouth shut?that you are private, reserved, and unswervingly discrete.

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