Sex Question: Are You a Three-Minute Egg?

Smart advice for avoiding early ejaculation during sex, and improving her experience.

How long do you last when having sex?

Are you getting off too quick and leaving her hanging?

Do you feel like you let her down, hoping to get hard again quickly and try again?

If you don?t like the answers you give for these questions, it is time you do something about it. This isn?t about premature ejaculation in the medical sense. This is about prolonging your erection and having the staying power to satisfy her needs, before you pop your top.

There are ways you can prevent cumming too soon and ruining a great sexcapade. You need to understand a bit about it, and practice methods that keep you in the game, as opposed to waiting for another turn at bat.

Why So Soon?

Men have been masturbating as far back as?well, ever since we stopped being cavemen and could fuck any hole that was around. Once men realized self-gratification was an option, we went to town. Boys start jerking it around puberty, and never stop.

We learn how easy it is to get off, and can often get off in less than a minute. Part of the reason for this quickness is social taboo. Masturbation, while known about and is somewhat mainstream, elicits negative responses when talked about or seen.

Women can easily take it personally that her man masturbates, thinking he would rather jerk than fuck. They don?t get it. Not to mention the hypocrisy as she rubs herself off to a romance novel.

Ultimately, masturbation becomes a ?get it done? action. Taking it slow and making an experience of it, happens less often than a quick jerk in the bathroom.

All of this translates into the bedroom though. Once we are having sex, our body is geared towards the same response: Get off quick. And sadly, most men do.

But, there are ways to use this to our advantage.

Jerk First, Sex Second

You may have heard this before, but knocking one out in the bathroom before sex is a great way to prolong sex.

For some it seems like bad advice. What if I get caught? Do I have time? When should I do it? What if I can?t get it up again? How about some answers to ease your mind?

First off, before things get fully intimate, pause the action. The time to do this is when the clothes are still on and the situation is starting to simmer. Go to the bathroom, use your best and fastest technique and get rid of that first load.

Be quiet and discreet, but if you get caught red-handed (pun intended), simply explain to her that you are doing it for her benefit. Just be honest. Most women will appreciate it, and some will even help get it out of the way.

As for being ready again soon, that is why you do it early on. You still have more kissing, touching and foreplay to get you back in the game and ready to bat. Trust me, you won?t have an issue getting back up.

Tease, Please, Repeat

If masturbating is not an option, prolong foreplay. Women see the entire encounter as their sexual experience. Everything from the conversation at dinner to the final finish in the bedroom, are part of it for her. You are going for a robust evening that will distract from any early finishes.

This means take your time in the build-up to foreplay. Kissing, fondling and teasing should be extensive. Not all night, of course. Do so until she is giving signals that you need to move into foreplay. The easiest way to know is if she starts taking your clothes off or trying to pull your cock out.

When you do start foreplay, focus on her. Spend ample time, and above all else, make sure she gets off at least once during foreplay. Whether by tongue or finger or both, you make sure she cums. If you have been arousing her throughout the night with talk, touch and kissing, she should be well on the way to orgasm.

If you can get her off more than once during foreplay, do so. Keep her cumming as much as you want before you fuck her. Successive orgasms are easier for women once the first has been achieved. Her body is caught in ?orgasmic gravity?, and greater the pull, the faster orgasms happens.

Remember, it is not necessary for a woman to orgasm during fucking if she has already gotten off a few times. Meaning, she won?t feel cheated. Chances are, she is going to cum during sex as well since she is primed already.

Stop Before You Pop

When you reach the point of fucking, be smart. There are some simple techniques that will help during sex to prolong your orgasm. Just know that while they may help, they are not foolproof.

One way of prolonging is to think about something else. The main issue here is the feeling of, or looking, distracted. She wants you present and focused, so you need to come up with ways to get your mind off sex and not be obvious. It needs to become a ?second-nature? kind of thing; a background process if you will.

You can give your dick a ?squeeze? and help prolong. Put your index finger on the bottom just where the head meets the shaft, your thumb on top behind the head as well, and apply a squeezing pressure. Don?t do it to the point of pain! This can prolong, but is more challenging to accomplish, especially when you are buried balls-deep in her.

My preferred method is mixing in teasing and foreplay. While fucking her, incorporate teasing methods. Tip in and stroking, with occasional deep plunges, successively ramping up to full on sex. During the teasing, stop fucking and go back to licking, sucking and fingering. It gets your dick out of there and gives you time to refocus.

Also, when you are fucking her, play with her clit. This is easiest from a missionary type position, but if you can reach it from any position, do so. Use well-lubricated fingers or thumb and rub her clit in a circular motion that syncs with your thrusts. If you primed her properly beforehand, this will help get her off when you do.

When you fuck a woman, you want her coming back for more. You want her talking about it with her friends. When you are masturbating on your own time, practice and try to prolong. Use techniques that keep you viable and help satisfy her with an all-around experience. The psychological impact on a woman is amazing.

Just be careful, she may fall in love with it.

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