Simple Techniques to Prepare Women for Orgasm

Tips to Awaken Arousal in a Woman and Make Her Orgasm Sooner in Bed

What do you know about the female orgasm?

For most men, there is a high level of ignorance. Many have no idea where it begins, how it is achieved or how to manipulate her body to reach orgasm. Hell, some men don?t even realize women get off.

Due to our male-centric thinking, men often assume that women orgasm as easily as men. This couldn?t be further from the truth. Men simply need to have their cock stroked, by hand, mouth, vagina, etc., and before long we ejaculate. Women are never that simple.

Men have erogenous zones, those areas that heighten arousal when manipulated; however, these zones are irrelevant for orgasm. With women, erogenous zones are highly important, and knowing how to manipulate them can prepare a woman for faster orgasms once sex begins.

The Foreplay Before Foreplay

When you think of foreplay, you probably think blow jobs, sucking on tits and licking or fingering the pussy. The common mistake is expecting these things alone will generate arousal in a woman.

Arousal is the root of a woman?s orgasm. Bringing a woman to the height of arousal usually guarantees she will orgasm during sex. I say usually because a very small percentage of women may have hang-ups or physical impediments to orgasm.

Women have various erogenous zones, but you need to see her entire body as one. Every touch should stir arousal and pleasure, with special emphasis on specific points, like the neck/shoulders, lower back and thighs.

Your hands should always be massaging when you touch her. Women are often aroused during massage visits. This means a firm hand, with constant, solid pressure, moving purposefully. Your hands should be relaxing her as you touch.

Remember, this isn?t about literally giving a massage, simply a ?sensual massage? mentality when you are touching her, anywhere. You may feel clumsy at first, but it will become second nature as you do it more.

Kiss Her Like You Mean It

Kissing a woman is highly erotic and arousing. Kissing should follow the same idea as the massaging touch.

When kissing her mouth, you better have your kiss technique down. Women are turned on by a great kisser. A great kiss is not too ?wet?, too aggressive or too ?weak?. Firm kissing, with tongue play, as well as slight, grazing nibbles on her lips do the trick. You should be exploring every part of her mouth as you kiss.

The same technique should be applied as you kiss her body. Primarily, her neck is going to be a great area to build arousal. The nape of her neck to midway along her shoulder is a prime area for kissing that drives many women wild.

Kissing her body should be a combination of firm lip pressure, soft flicks of the tongue to tease, and soft, ?biting? grazes with the teeth. This mix of stimulus will feed various pleasure sensations to her, generating arousal.

Think Before You Speak

As you massage and kiss her body, you are talking to her as well. You are relaxing her and arousing her with your speech. Tell her things that show your arousal, thus transferring an arousal state.

  • I love the way you taste.
  • I can?t keep my hands off you.
  • The smell of your skin is driving me crazy.

Simple comments like this are telling her you want more. You are going to do more. She is exciting and arousing to you. She feels sexy. She feels wanted. She feels everything, and it feels good.

Build this sensual tension with words. Women need to hear you speak. And when you do speak, keep it close and sensual, just above a whisper and near the ear and neck is best. Make sure to exhale warmly as you speak. This makes what you are saying ?hot?, erotic and just for her. Your desire is centralized and focused on her. This turns her on.

You are also preparing her for more talk during sex, which will become more direct and dirty once sex has begun. If you don?t know much about dirty talk, I recommend you learn.

Be the Blind Man

The goal of touching and kissing her body before foreplay is arousal to the point of orgasm. But, without intent, the purpose can be lost. This means you need to adopt a mentality of memorization.

As you touch her, you are ?learning? her body as a blind man would. You are memorizing what you feel. This directs intent to your touch. Your fingers and palms are scanning her skin, noting the feel of it and the response it gives when touched.

The same idea is applied to kissing her. Learn her mouth and body with your lips, tongue and teeth. Feel how her mouth is responding. Your intent is to know her body better than she does. You want to know every response to every stimulus you give.

This means build a ?hunger? inside for her. You need to get sex out of your mind. Yes, you are building sexual desire and tension; however, if you are focused on getting to the sex, things will feel rushed or clumsy. Remember this, you are simply working your way up to sexual foreplay.

Enjoy the process. Invest yourself. Be purposeful and attentive. You need to ?feel? her responses and tailor your mechanics to that. When you kiss or touch an area that generates noticeable pleasure, give some extra attention there.

If you follow this path, she will be primed for more. She will be reaching a level of arousal that requires less sexual stimulation to achieve that first, and subsequent, orgasms.

Orgasms that truly satisfy a woman are the ones that stick in her mind. They create an ?addictive? pleasure that she wants more of. And the more orgasms you give her in one session, the better.

You won?t be sorry if you unlock that floodgate. She will thank you by asking for more, and she will be eager for your next visit.

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