Does Your One Night Stand Game Create Long-Term Nightmares?

How to Improvise Your Game and Stop Being ?Mr. Right? (and stick to being ?Mr. Right Now?)

?Men don?t know what the hell they want!?

Sound familiar? Probably so, as we say the same about women.

While men think women are completely confusing, women think most men are idiots. Surprisingly, both sides think these things for the same reason; we approach the opposite gender with no clear idea of what we want. Women for example, can start off with a one-night stand and the next day they are asking you how you feel about marriage and children!

Now you become the asshole. She just gut-punched you with a 180-degree turn, and your first instinct is to sever all communication. It is a panic reaction. Nonetheless, you are a dog because you used her for sex.

What the hell happened? Did you say or do something during last night?s sexcapade that gave her the wrong impression? Was your game so good that you reeled in a whale, when all you wanted was a tuna?

Even worse, what if you are the guy who doesn?t want to be the ?asshole?? Instead of cutting ties, you dive into the conversation. Next thing you know, you are involved with someone you screwed for a night and have no idea who the fuck she is. That whale just turned into a kraken, hell-bent on consuming you.

Honestly, it isn?t all your fault. Women are emotional creatures, subject to a roller coaster of hormones that changes their relationship programming at a moment?s notice. The can walk into a purely sexual encounter and walk out thinking they met the man of their dreams.

It is a catch twenty-two for men. We are picking up women with a ?standard? approach, whether self-taught or from some inane article like this one. We are simple beasts, and when a technique works, we stick with it. The problem here is that your game cannot be static. Improvisation is the key to preventing unwanted lunacy from the opposite sex.

What Your Game Says to Her

Women are like computers. Their brain is working on various levels. Everything you say or do is being analyzed, calculated and organized into file folders. For example, when you walk up looking well-groomed and confident, she stores this info in the Friend, Fuck-Buddy, Husband and/or Sugar Daddy folders (yes, most women have all four of these folders in their ?file cabinet?).

During your conversations with her, whether it is a date or hookup, she is adding to these folders. Each one has a point system. When you have gained enough points in any of these categories, her relationship motivation can shift.

This means you need to say the right things to prevent point gains in the wrong categories. If you can control the conversation, you can put yourself in the right one for your needs. To do that, you must have a clear idea of what you want from her, before you open your mouth. And most importantly, you need to be prepared for a temporary shift in your wants, and getting back on track with your true motive.

A Shallow Game is the Best Approach

Women seek security, safety and stability. Most men tailor their game to address these needs. It doesn?t matter if you only want to get laid, or something deeper. If you meet the requirements for a life mate, she will be open to screw you, date you, or even marry you. Granted, screwing is what you are after, but you opened yourself for other options with your successful game.

Above all else, don?t lie! It is common for men to lie about their success, relationship goals or personality to get a piece of ass. Sadly, that piece of ass might turn out to be something more, and your lies will cost you.

Ultimately, keep your game ?shallow.? What I mean is, don?t divulge everything. Your goal is to keep her guessing about any of the categories she might try to lock you in on.

When it comes to your job and money, keep it simple. Don?t talk about recent or potential promotions. Don?t tell her how much you earn, or about a great bonus you just received. Hell, it is best to give her the impression that the job isn?t that important to you. It is just a paycheck.

Avoid talking about previous relationships, or relationships at all! Every time you talk about an ex, all you do is give her a benchmark to pass. Women are competitive. In her mind she is thinking ?I would treat him better than that bitch did, if WE were a couple.? You DON?T want her thinking this crap.

Also, don?t tell her what you are ?looking for in a woman.? You are asking her to measure up to your ideal woman. Not only can this kill your one night stand if she thinks she doesn?t qualify, conversely, she may feel she does, and the hookup just became a serious date!

Read the Signs, Change Your Game

Finally, read her as you go. Look for indicators that she is thinking outside your box. If she seems to be getting ?emotional?, saying things like ?I?ve never met a man like you before?, find ways to interject what kind of an asshole or womanizer you can be. If you want nothing more than sex from her, make sure she understands how shitty you are in relationships. Yes, this is an example of improvising and breaking the ?no relationship talks? rule.

Let?s be honest. You want to have a good time and get laid. This means that your standards for hooking up might be lower than if you were looking for a girlfriend or potential wife. There is a good chance you are not hooking up with a super model, especially if your game wasn?t on point, and the herd has thinned near the end of the night.

Therefore, keep it simple and shallow, which makes it easy to drop her. You don?t want to wind up in a situation where you are dealing with a sub-par one-night stand, who thinks you are the cat?s meow. Otherwise, be prepared to block calls or get a new number.

The same advice applies to the hot chicks as well. Simple and shallow keeps them interested and coming back for more. And if you still just want her for the sex, keep it that way. Stay mysterious and intriguing. Who knows, you might want something else from her later?like a threesome.


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