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Give Your Woman An Orgasmic Massage

Orgasmic Massage Techniques That Will Have Her Begging for More (no experience necessary)

Every woman loves a great massage. I know you?re not a licensed masseuse, but you don?t have to be. You won?t be giving an official sport or clinical massage, so no worries. This is about relaxing a woman, bringing her to a state of high arousal and moving to oral sex.

Listen, while every woman loves massage, the love oral sex even more. Yes, there are some women that are put off by oral sex. But, if you get most women turned on enough, they are much more compliant and willing. Therefore, give her a great massage and she will be eager for greater pleasure.

Setting the Mood and Tone for the Massage

Before the fun begins, you need to take care of a couple of things. Place and light some candles in the bedroom. Not enough to burn the house down, but you want enough visibility (assuming it is night time) to see her and heighten your own arousal as you rub her down. While this is not about fucking her, being aroused allows you to transfer the state to her.

Have some nice music ready, something relaxing and mellow. Also, make sure the bed has clean sheets and lay one to three towels out over the sheet. This will prevent a mess from the oil. Make sure to use nice towels, not the crappy ones you use to clean up spills in the kitchen.

You will want some massage oil as well. You can buy oil specifically for massage; avoiding those with too much fragrance. However, my preference is coconut oil. Coconut oil is excellent as it is natural, moisturizes well and is edible. Depending on the air temperature, it will probably be in its solid state; however, coconut oil will melt in your hands quickly from body temp.

Finally, get her in the mood a bit first. Some small talk, kissing and a glass of wine will prepare her. Once she is comfortable and you are sure intimacy is an option, tell her to come with you to the massage room.

Give Her an Arousing Massage

Once in the room, have her lie on the bed face down. Make sure she is comfortable, have your oil within easy reach and straddle her lower back or sit beside her on your knees. Get some oil and rub it between your hands to warm it up. Be generous with the oil and get more as often as needed. Now begin the massage.

The key to any good massage is firm, constant pressure. Hands should be synchronized, in other words, what you do with one is being done by the other.

Start at the lower back, with hands horizontally on either side of the spine. Move your hands firmly up the back and neck, then back down just past the hips. Make sure you lube the back, neck and sides well. Do this 8-12 times up and down. For added benefit, apply pressure from the thumbs along her spine (not too hard).

Now, place both hands on one side of her back, fingers curled around towards her stomach. With light, firm pressure, move the hands up the side towards her shoulder. When you do this, let your fingertips glide over the side of her breast, not groping, just brushing by. When you get to the shoulder, grip firmly and swirl your thumbs in a circular motion for a moment, then move back down. Again, lightly brush the breast and keep moving down until you reach the buttock on that side. Do not be aggressive on the buttock, focus more on the side muscle and hip. Do this twice on one side, then twice on the other. Repeat 3 more times, for a total of 8 passes on either side.

Next, target her lower back. The base of your palms should be along the hip line, with fingers angled to the sides. Move your hands downward toward the coxis (tailbone), then back up in half moon circulation, using the thumbs for added pressure. Repeat this about 10-12 times.

Finally, move upwards to the neck and shoulders. Grip the shoulder line on either side of her neck, and use your thumbs and base of the palms in the same half moon circles. Thumbs should be riding along the spine. Again, repeat this movement 12 times. On every third one, run your fingers up the neck (imagine ?choking? from the back) and let your thumbs glide up behind the ears softly, with consistent pressure.

Finishing with Lower Body Massage

Once you have massaged her back well, move on to the legs. Start with the feet and calves. Feet can be a highly erotic touchpoint for her, so rub them firmly, primarily the bottom of the feet, with attention to the ball and heel. When massaging the feet, remember, keep firm pressure always to avoid tickling, which can break the mood.

For the calves, rub them down well. Since legs have a cylindrical form, they are easy to grip and rub firmly. Don?t dig in; this isn?t deep tissue massage. Use circular thumb movements and focus on the large, back muscle. If you are feeling skilled, use one hand on either calf and massage at the same time. But, if it feels clunky, switch to one at a time.

Once the calves are done, you will want to move to the thighs. This is the part where you will be moving on to sexual activity, so take your time and don?t force it. Focus on one thigh at a time, massaging the outer side of one, then the other. Knead the muscles firmly, but again, no digging in. Thigh muscles are strong, but can easily feel pain if you are rough.

Once you have been thorough with the outer thighs, begin with the inner thighs. You will want to open her legs a bit for this part. This time, you will be rubbing both thighs at once. Cup your hands over her thighs just above the knees. Slowly work up the thighs, one inch at a time. Move your thumbs in a circular motion on the inner thigh roughly 6-8 times before moving up again.

Eventually, you are going to be near her pussy. As you get closer, let your thumbs begin to graze along the sides, gently. As you get closer, be more pronounced with the touching moving closer to the labia and lips as you go.

When you have reached the top of the thighs, you can now begin finger manipulation of her pussy. Make this a massage as well, gentle and constantly firm. You can insert fingers but, DO NOT FINGER BANG HER!

She is in a relaxed arousal state and can cum easily if you continue what you have been doing. Keep your hands lubed and make sure to have thumb manipulation of the clit happening. A thumb inserted and manipulating her g-spot will be the thing that can take her over the top. Once she has orgasmed, prepare yourself, as she will probably be asking for a good fuck next. But, if you really want to be a super star, don?t go for sex after. Make this all about her, and once she cums, cuddle in and enjoy her afterglow.

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