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Living a More Nutritious Sex Life

Tips for Better Sex Through Proper Nutrition (smart eating equals great sex)

Everybody knows you must eat to live. Food is one of the necessities of life. It is because of this that we take it for granted. Men love to eat. We love to eat so much, that we rarely consider what food does for us. Most of us realize that the food we eat affects our bodies in various ways, yet we don?t delve into the specifics very often.

Men love sex. I bet you aren?t confused about that, are you?

But, if you love to eat and you love sex, wouldn?t it be good to know how food affects your sex life? What if the wrong foods, or lack of proper supplements, was leading you down a path to erectile dysfunction, prostate issues or confidence issues? Would that make you stop and think?

What if eating certain foods and supplements increased your stamina, strengthened your erections, increased your testosterone and boosted your libido? Yeah, that gets your attention, doesn?t it?

Take a few minutes and explore some nutrition options that will boost your sexual health and performance.

How Does Nutrition Improve Sexual Health?

You live in a fast food world. Healthy food is replaced with convenience in the form of processed foods. Sugars, fats, preservatives and other additives are widely used in processed foods. These are having negative effects on your sexual health. They affect normal brain functions, hormone production, and use, and open you to long-term health risks.

On the other hand, fresh foods can help you become a sex machine. By fresh, I don?t mean processed foods ?made fresh daily.? I mean fresh, untainted foods. Foods you can eat right off the stand, or made by your own hands, knowing what ingredients are added.

Fresh foods are not stripped of their nutritional value. They have not been over-processed and rendered lifeless and tasteless. Fresh foods offer valuable nutrients your body needs for healthy, sexual activity. Coupled with supplements that boost specific functions, fresh foods can build a strong, healthy sex drive and the stamina to keep up.

And most importantly, fresh foods minimize overall health issues and improve your well-being and confidence.

What to Eat for Better Sex?

If this wasn?t about food, I would answer that question with: pussy. But, that is a topic for another time.

Okay, so you want a rundown of things to eat that are going to improve your sex life, right? No problem. However, first I am going to give you some quick ideas for overall nutrition. Then I will hit on the sex foods and supplements.

I will try to be brief with the general stuff. Eat these things regularly:

Fresh Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are highly important. They have vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Roughage is good to keep your system free of waste. Include beans, peas, carrots, squash, etc.

Fresh Fruits: Any fruit you like if it?s fresh. Eating fruit needs to be moderated though. There is a lot of natural sugar in fruits, so don?t overdo it.

Proteins: Chicken, turkey, and fish. Pork is okay in moderation, avoid fatty bacon and salt-cured pork. Fish is especially good for omega-3 fatty acids. These are healthy fats that are good for the heart and brain (helps with stress). Moderate red meats!

Carbs: Most think carbs are bad, but the good carbs aren?t. Veggies and fruits have good carbs, so you are covered there. Snack on some nuts or whole grains, and you can eat potatoes in moderation. Avoid fried potatoes, as they absorb what they are cooked in.

Beverages: Water, a cup of coffee, water, a glass of red wine, water, homemade veggie/fruit juice, water, and then some water. A little caffeine is okay; small amounts assist with circulation. Red wine will assist with heart health. Water is essential to your body and sex life. Not just for hydration, as semen is water based. More water equals more output. Just don?t drown yourself.

Now for foods and supplements that specifically affect sexual health and activity. They center around testosterone production (highly important), stamina, libido, and ejaculation volume. (High ejaculation volume is important for women and men. It offers great psychological benefits for both.)


  • Oysters ? rumored to be an aphrodisiac; the zinc content makes it true.
  • Whey Proteins ? great for testosterone production.
  • Olive Oil ? increases testosterone production and contains healthy fats.
  • Coconut ? healthy fats, as well as weight control benefits. Weight can impact testosterone production.
  • Pomegranate ? vitamins, antioxidants (amazing for anxiety/stress and ejaculate volume increase), and a MAJOR aid in testosterone production.
  • Broccoli/Cauliflower ? help push out estrogen, making room for testosterone.
  • Garlic ? has allicin. Allicin reduces cortisol, which is produced during stressful times and reduces testosterone production.

Supplements (research the correct amounts to take for your body/weight; do not overuse):

  • Vitamin B-12 and B Stress Complex ? excellent for ongoing energy production.
  • Zinc ? a major player in ejaculate volume increase and aids in prostate health.
  • ZMA ? zinc mixed with magnesium; increases testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin E ? aids in prostate health and hormone production.
  • Vitamin D ? great for testosterone production. Unfiltered sunlight allows the body to produce D naturally. Moderate exposure to the sun.
  • Amino Acids ? Specifically L-Arginine for ejaculate volume increase and erection firmness, and L-Lysine to balance intake of L-Arginine. (Do not overuse L-Arginine. Research levels for your body.)
  • Wild Oats ? increases libido and stamina; increases volume.
  • Folic acid ? volume increase.
  • Damiana ? increased libido and muscle control.
  • Muira Pauma Extract ? increased erection hardness and frequency
  • Swedish Flower Pollen ? increases volume and helps with prostate health.
  • Tribulus Terrestris ? increases libido, stamina, testosterone and energy.


There you have it. A great list of things you can eat and take to get yourself pumping like a machine. You will see an improvement in your mood as well, thus boosting your confidence and overall well-being. Do not discount the power of these foods and supplements in improving your sex life. They work, and if you commit to a regular nutrition plan, they will work for you.

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