3 Tips For Dating Multiple Women

Advice for Playing the Field and Not Getting Caught With Your Pants Down

When you hear the word monogamy, do you run screaming from the room? If said in a room full of men, you might be trampled as most of the men tear out of there. Honestly, I know it isn?t quite that bad but there are a lot of men uninterested in a serious relationship.

While you may not want a relationship, a regular dating partner or FWB is a great idea. A lot of men get this, many taking it to the next level and date multiple women. Of course, this sounds like a great idea. Who wouldn?t want a selection of women to spend time with?

If you like the idea, more power to you. However, you better have your game on point if you attempt it. Women can be a chaotic variable in these situations. If mishandled, you can create some nasty waters, potentially setting off something volatile. There are ways you can avoid this though and have the fun you want.

Keep Your Dating Life on the Down-Low

Before I give you some advice on handling the women you are dating, first, you need to handle yourself. Like most people, you probably have a respectable social media presence. If so, you need to keep your dating life away from it.

When you are dealing with multiple dating partners, you better believe they are watching your social media. Pictures and posts about your dating life are going to be seen. Yes, you may want to show off the fun you are having, but it can kill your game.

Women are jealous creatures, even when they tell you they aren?t. So, keep what you are doing off your social pages. One wrong post can end your fun with one or all of your lady friends. Talk to your buddies if you want, just do it in person.

Keep it Real but Not Too Real

Like any good dating scenario, honesty is the best policy. It is important that you make each woman understand that you are not looking for anything serious right now. Women who are into a casual situation will be on board. Surprisingly enough, even those that are relationship-minded will be open as well if they like you. They may hope you ?come around? to their way of thinking.

It is important that you pay attention to what you say. DO NOT make the mistake of telling them what they want to hear just to get in their pants. Just as importantly, make sure they are not doing the same thing. Read between the lines of conversation if needed. Stay on top of what they are telling you and know when someone is sprouting monogamous feelings.

One thing you don?t want to do, much like keeping social media quiet, is not going into detail about your multiple dating companions. Once again, this can raise the nasty head of jealousy. Keep it to yourself and stick to your ?I?m not looking for anything serious? stance.

Oh, and one other thing to be prepared for, she might be dating more than one guy. Shocker, right? Yes, women play the field just like men. Some are just a little slutty, others are just like-minded in their approach to relationships. Don?t get possessive as shit, remember she is not your girlfriend. You know, good for the goose, good for the gander type of stuff. If she is playing safe, don?t worry about it. If it does bother you, end it and look for someone new.

When Dating More Than One, Do This and Don?t Do That

On the note of playing it safe, make sure you wrap it up. While STDs are not rampant in public service messages like they were a couple of decades ago, they still exist. The expectation is that you are going to be having sex with multiple women, so safety is key, for both of you.

Keep a healthy supply of condoms and have yourself tested. The best move is to have yourself tested every six months when sleeping with multiple partners. This should be common sense for any single man who is sexually active.

And for the safety of your dating situation, use caution when going out. Don?t go to your favorite clubs or restaurants. If you do, one of your partners may happen to visit on her own and catch you with another woman. I know you told her you were keeping it casual, but I think you can see how this might interrupt your fun. Stay on top of their activities. For any ladies you aren?t seeing this week, know what their plans are. Reconnaissance work can make all the difference in keeping the peace.

Have Fun Dating and Be Smart

Dating one woman can be a challenge, but juggling multiples ramps that challenge up. Follow the rules and you won?t drop your balls.

  • Stick to controlled honesty and transparency.
  • Know the women you are dating and what their motives are.
  • Keep your online presence to friendly, non-dating exposure.
  • Practice safe sex and use discretion when out in public.

Stick to the plan and you can have the kind of fun you want. And, if by some chance you start to develop feelings for one of your ladies, end it amicably with the others before you cross a line you can?t recover from. Good luck and play smart.


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