How To Ask A Girl Out Using Snapchat

How often do you wonder what to text a girl?

These days texting has become essential to dating. Yet most guys still struggle with what to text women.

They either send boring texts like “Hey what’s up?” or they try way too hard to sound witty. If you fit into any of those categories, then stop right now!

What you send a girl does not matter as much as you may think it does.

The biggest thing that determines if a girl will respond to you is her initial impression of you when she gave you her phone number.

If you are just the ?random guy? who awkwardly approached her and asked for her number…

Then she likely won?t respond no matter how amazing your text is.

On the other hand, if you and her had amazing chemistry when you met, then she?ll probably be excited to get a text from you, and be more likely to respond.

The other thing that might stop her from responding is the fact that her phone is already getting blown up by a bunch of other dudes.

Here?s what I mean? Not too long ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine named Rebecca.

Now Rebecca knows that I?m a dating coach, and tends to take advantage of my advice when she can.

So on this particular occasion, she wanted my opinion on a few texts that a guy had sent her.

So she handed her phone to me, I glanced down at the screen, and something immediately got my attention? The number ?22? in the upper left hand corner of her iPhone screen (implying that she had 22 unread text messages). I immediately blurted out…

?Yo Rebecca, how do you have 22 unread texts?!?

Then she nonchalantly replied, ?Oh? Those are just other guys who are texting me.?

That is right, my friend. She had TWENTY-TWO other guys who were already texting her at the same exact time.

Now don?t get me wrong, Rebecca is cute, but she isn?t a Playboy model by any means. She?s one of those girls who has a girl-next-door charm to her.

And if Rebecca, the standard girl-next-door type, has 22 guys blowing up her phone at any given moment, how easy do you think it would be for her to ignore one of your texts?? Answer: You hardly stand a chance if you send the same, boring nonsense that most guys text women these days. So what is the solution?

Three words? Do the opposite.

I don?t mean ?send? the opposite types of texts. What I mean is that you shouldn’t even text her in the first place!

If I know that texting her immediately makes me like twenty-two other guys, then I?m going to do anything other than send her a text message.

At the time of writing this book, social media has because the absolute best alternative to texting ? in particular Snapchat and Instagram. Why is this?

Girls tend to mentally categorize men in their brains. They do this based on her impression of you (i.e. nerdy guy, bad boy, athletic guy). And just like they categorize they type of guy you are, they also categorize the types of communication you always use with her (i.e. the guy who she texts, the guy who always calls, the guy who she FaceTime?s, the guy who she messages on social media).

What I?ve discovered is that Text messaging is a red ocean, full of competition, and is a completely different ball game than direct messaging on an app like Snapchat or Instagram…

Simply because guys rarely message her on social media.

If you were to TEXT a girl ?Hey, what?s up?? then she would immediately categorize you as one of the many guys who texts her boring messages. Ignoring a boring text message is way easier for her than thinking of a way to respond.

But if you were to direct message her ?Hey, what?s up?? on an app like SnapChat, this is a completely different story?

First off, she won?t categorize you as one of the many guys TEXTING her because social media is a completely separate folder in her mind.

Rather than being one of the many guys texting her, you are one of the only guys direct messaging her on Snapchat.

Secondly, your message on social media also comes with your profile attached to it…

Rather than being just a random phone number, you are the guy who goes hiking every Saturday, loves sushi, and owns a golden retriever. See what I mean?

You are a character who?s life she keeps up with on a regular basis already…

…due to your profile stories and posts.

Lastly, because messaging on social media is so new to today?s dating world, there?s far less competition there ? making her more likely to respond. Especially if your message to her is in response to something she posted that day.

Admit it, you probably feel good when someone likes one of your posts on social media.

Girls are the same way, which is why she?ll almost always respond if your first message is in response to her post. Here is what a typical conversation might look like when asking a girl out over Snapchat?

**She uploads a picture of her eating sushi**
ME: How did you know I love sushi?
HER: OMG! What?s your favorite sushi roll?
ME: Sounds like a good convo to have over a drink or seven
HER: Tonight?
ME: Yes.
HER: mmm ok what did you have in mind?
ME: Meet me at (insert place) at 9? But only if you promise to bring
your A game
HER: Lol, ok!

First off, notice that your first message was relevant to something she did that day.

Emotionally relevant messages will always garner a better response than ?Hey, what?s up?? Secondly, notice how she was very open and receptive to conversation. You are not messaging her a paragraph. Your messages are only 5-7 words long.

Shorter messages get your point across, and are way easier to respond to. Lastly, she feels more obligated to respond on social media because you can see if she has ?read? your message yet.

These days, 90% of the time I ask a girl to hang out, it happens over Snapchat or Instagram. Especially if this is a first or second date.

You would be wise to do the same.

The best part is that your messages don?t even have to be witty or clever to stand out ? a direct result of simply having less dudes to compete with.

Notice how the conversation above was very basic. Nothing too clever or out of the ordinary. The messages were emotionally relevant to her post, and had a somewhat playful undertone. I didn?t carry the conversation on for very long, and asked her to hang out in a very direct way.

Also notice that this could have very well been a conversation via text, but because I was simply responding to one of her pictures, the conversation was more engaging, and much easier for her to respond to.

One last thing you should note is that if a girl is a terrible texter, often times she is really good at responding via social media ? and vice-versa?

-Patrick James

P.S. Just in case you’re one of those guys who skims to the bottom (like me)…

Moral of the story: Snapchat messaging > Text Messaging…

BECAUSE women are more likely to respond, making it easier for her to agree to hanging out in-person.

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