5 Tricks To Gain More Confidence Before The Next Date

The Best Way To Gain Confidence Before Your Next Date

Dating can be a tricky business. You can have the best date of your life, feel super pump, confident as hell, and then never hear from your date again.

Dating is brutal and can leave you feeling crushed and injured. But the best solution isn’t to take it lying down. If you want to be in the best form possible before your next date, you need a mentality shift.

The problem is having lots of dates which don’t lead anywhere can lead us feeling crushed, defeated or just generally not feeling confident. It’s time for all that to change.

To help you get into the right mindset and build up your confidence before your next date, we’ve put together these five tricks on how you can gain more confidence before that next date. Use these tools to feel good, look good and feel like a rockstar, because if you believe it, so will your date.

Why Confidence Before a Date Matters

Being confident before you start a date isn’t just about settling your nerves and making you feel more relaxed. It’s about getting into the right mindset so that your date is the best it can be.

The more confident you are before your date, the smoother your date will go, the easier you’ll handle hiccups or mistakes, and you’ll be more relaxed and fun for your partner. Confidence makes you relax, and by getting prepared in advance, and relaxed, you can walk into your date confidently, knowing you’ve done everything you can for the date to be a success.

Here Are The 5 Best Ways to Build Up Your Confidence Before Your Next Date

In order to help you build up your confidence, there are a couple of important steps and techniques you can take. Walking into that room smiling, with the knowledge that you have prepared and feel confident can make a huge difference in the result and enjoyment of your date.

Don’t sweat it; we’ve got your back.

1. Get Rid of Any Excess Energy

You’ve probably heard people tell you before it’s a great idea to hit the gym before a date, but have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Adrenaline is an important part of the human genes, that helped us escape the clutches of powerful saber-tooth tigers, win gold medals in the 100m sprint and occasionally poop your pants when jumping from airplanes.

Sadly, if you are feeling nervous about a date, adrenaline is not your friend. The adrenaline in your body will tell you it’s time to either fight or run; that’s not useful.

The best thing you can do is to try and burn off some of that excess energy through some exercise. You don’t have to hit it hard, a brisk walk, a swim even doing some jogging will do the trick.

Releasing that energy combined with some breathing exercises just before your date is about to begin can work perfectly together. Try breathing in through your nose, holding it for 5 seconds?? then push the air out of your mouth.

Breathing in deeply lowers your heart rate, perspiration and blood pressure, perfect!

2. Preparation is Key

Dating can be a whirlwind, and one of the things that’s important to remember is you cannot control everything that happens. The parts of the date you can control though, you should prepare for.

Preparing for a date can help you to gain a sense of control, and it can all start with something as simple as your outfit.

Think about your clothing as more than how you’re going to look, but how are you going to feel? What was the last piece of clothing you wore that made you feel confident and comfortable? That might be a great place to start.

If it’s not appropriate for a date?? just because you could wear a Power Rangers onesie for a date, doesn’t mean you should?? then at least wear something similar that gives you that sense of confidence.

If you’re worried about keeping the conversation flowing on the date, think in advance of three things you can bring into the conversation in case there is an awkward silence. Think of something topical like a news topic, a holiday you have lined up or a TV show you love at the minute.

3. Listen To Your Power Jam

Nothing gets you more pumped and in the mood to kickass than your favorite power jam. No judgment here, whether it’s Haddaway’s ‘What is Love’ that gets you off or Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin,’ pump out that music full blast while getting dressed or in the shower.

Singing along can also help to reduce stress levels, and studies have shown that singing to yourself does longterm good for your heart and reduces cortisol levels, which link to stress.

Grab the microphone and get pumped, singing your heart out before a date can leave you feeling energized and more confident for the date to come.

4. Make a Fun Friend Date Before Hand

Who says you can’t reinvent the double date. Instead of going on a date with a friend, give yourself two dates in a row. The first date being a fun meet up with friends or family to calm your nerves before your actual date.

Spending time with friends before a date can help to distract you from any pre-date jitters, and it can also help to improve your mood and make you feel more positive. It can also help to build up excitement levels for your upcoming date.

Try to pick something relaxing to do which helps you feel connected to your support network in preperation for your date.

5. Have a Drink Before

Having a drink before your date is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to calming your nerves before a date. Just because it’s an old trick, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

Whether your drink of choice is a cold beer, a glass of wine or a cocktail?? no judgment ? a drink before a date can be the perfect way to loosen up and feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable before your date.

Just remember that you want Dutch courage not to be a Dutch dickhead, which is the you that does three tequila chasers and three J?gerbombs before your date. That is not a good decision.

Gain The Confidence You Need Before Your Next Date

Don’t let nerves ruin your next date. Use these five different techniques to stop the nerves, build up your confidence and smash out your date with great success.

For more tips on how to master your next date here are seven unique questions, you can ask a girl on the first date, enjoy.

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