The Right Time To Kiss Her

The timing of the kiss can make or break a date

Kissing her at the right time can be the difference between having sex that night, being made to wait or getting friend-zoned forever. ?

Even on dates which otherwise went well, you could ruin everything by messing this up.

Yet, by nailing the timing, you could take a below-average date all the way to the bedroom.

Below, we explore the perfect time to kiss a girl.

When is the right time to kiss my date?

The best time to kiss your date is when she?s ready to kiss you.

Sure, if she turns the cheek, you can laugh it off and carry on as if nothing happened, which can impress her. It?s better to try too early than too late, but ideally you?re not having to deal with this at all.

So, how do you know she?s ready to be kissed? The key is to baby-step the physical rapport you?re building with her. ?

Start small with pats on the arm, your hands in hers, touching her jewelery etc. Build it up to hugs, stroking her hips, legs, face. Move closer into her personal space. With each move, she?ll either allow it or tense up.

  • If she tenses, stop. You?re moving too fast. Give her some space, chat and try again later.
  • If she allows it, that?s a green light to try something more intimate, until a kiss is the natural progression. ?

On a date, this progression could require some patience. In a bar or nightclub, you could stack these green lights super-quick. It depends how comfortable she is around you.?

If you?re not building physical rapport throughout the date, it?ll feel awkward trying to kiss her, let alone trying to lead it to the bedroom. That?s why it?s discouraged to arrange first dates at a restaurant or anywhere where you?re sat opposite each other. Click the link for some better first date ideas.

Why you might not want to kiss at all

You might want to get the kiss on the date itself, as it shows you?re bold enough to make that move. It?s important to show her that. ?

On the other hand, girls want the thrill of the chase. They want the fairytale of not knowing whether you like her or not. ?

If you kiss her, it can kill the mystery. Now, if she comes back to yours, it?s clear you?re going to try and have sex with her. Suddenly, it?s tougher for her to justify that ?it just happened?, which is what most girls need to not feel slutty.?

So, what?s a good balance?

Maybe you give her one peck on the lips. Maybe you make more playful moves like tickling her or nuzzling at her neck. A great move is to go in 90% for a kiss, make her commit to it, then pull away and smile.

Anything that shows her you?re not a pussy, but still leaves some mystery.

Now, when you invite her back to yours, she?ll be more open to it. In fact, she?ll often be desperate to see how this fairytale ends.

If the first kiss is in your bedroom, after all this ?will-he, won?t he? you?ve put her through, it?s far more likely to lead to something more?

Sure, some girls are super-horny and will come back either way, but this is a powerful strategy for any date.

When is NOT the right time to kiss her – and other pointers

  • This strategy is just as powerful when meeting girls in a bar or club.
  • Don?t be ?the make-out guy? on a date. That ruins the fairytale even more. Get one kiss if you have to, but let the tension build from there.
  • Don?t wait for the perfect moment to kiss her. It?s unnecessary and usually never arises. A fun move is to interrupt some boring story she?s telling with a kiss, then letting her continue.
  • Avoid cliche moments like kissing on her doorstep or in your car after the date has finished. Yes, it?s better to try here than not at all, but most girls hate these cheesy predictable moves. ?
  • Don?t prelude your kiss with words like: ?I want to kiss you? or ?your lips look so beautiful?. This sounds like permission-seeking, which isn?t masculine and ruins the magic.
  • Let?s do away with this nonsense that a ?gentleman doesn?t kiss on the first date?. This woman has dolled herself up. She?s spent time and money to meet you. To not try and kiss her will just piss her off. She?ll either think she?s not pretty enough or that you?re a pussy.?

Is the first kiss a big deal?

It?s commonly suggested that the first kiss is a big deal. Women say they can learn a lot from this moment.

Maybe this is true, but it?s the men who don?t make a big deal of this moment that?ll leave the best impression.

If you time it right, you could be getting to first-time sex a lot quicker. That?s a far better way to get to know each other.

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