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About Joe Elvin Joe Elvin travels the world working remotely as a lifestyle writer and confidence coach. Throughout 2017, he filmed his entire dating life as part of a national television documentary in the UK. His new book 'The Camera Never Lies' details the brutal truths about dating and relationships learned from this experience. You can learn more about the book and download the first chapter for free by clicking here >>


    5 Powerful Signs Of Masculinity

    img Posted October 20, 2021

    There is a drastic shortage of masculinity among modern men.  In a 2016 YouGov poll, British men were asked to rate themselves on a scale of “completely masculine” to ...


    How To Approach Women At The Gym (Without Being Creepy)

    img Posted September 20, 2021

    Most gyms are packed with beautiful women with toned athletic bodies. It?s completely understandable that you want to know how to approach them. At the same time, it can see ...


    Why Speed Is Crucial When Approaching Women

    img Posted March 24, 2021

    He who hesitates, masturbates It?s time to stop waiting for the ?perfect moment? to approach a woman. You might think you?re doing yourself a favour by hesitating, but it?s a ...


    Social Momentum: The #1 Cure For Social Anxiety 

    img Posted March 10, 2021

    This is your dating superpower Social Momentum removes your inhibitions just as well as alcohol. Plus, you save yourself the money, the hangover and the misfortune of acting ...


    How To Be Passionate

    img Posted February 24, 2021

    The most addictive ingredient of the male personality? Passion is one of the most universally attractive personality traits.? In fact, it?s addictive.? It draws people tow ...


    How To Kill Your Ego

    img Posted February 10, 2021

    Destroying your ego is one of the best things you can do. Your ego is your self-perception.  A ‘big ego’ means you’re full of yourself. A ‘small ego’ means you’r ...

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