How To Act After Sex

You may have slept with her, but the game isn’t over…

If you’re a good guy, it’s likely you want to leave a girl you slept with better than when you found her.

This is essential if you want to sleep with her again.

Even if you don’t, surely you want her telling friends what a magical experience her one-night stand was? When women spread the word of wonderful hook-ups, the world becomes a better place for the rest of us players.

Below are some specific tips for how to act after sex, whether you’re looking to see her again or not.

It includes the surprisingly common mistake that scares tons of women out of wanting to sleep with a guy more than once…

The basics: please don’t be a douchebag

Maybe a one-night stand is nothing but fun and games for you. Perhaps she’s said the same…

Still, for most women, sex will always be somewhat of an emotional experience, involving an element of trust as she surrenders her body to you.

Don’t be the douchebag who makes her regret sleeping with you and think twice about enjoying a one-off sexual experience again.

It’s never cool to kick a woman out your house, no matter how much of a ‘stud’ this makes you feel like.

There’s a right way to get her to leave without making her feel like a filthy slut, and we urge you to use it.

What to do if you don’t want to see her again

It’s crude, but arguably true, that a man won’t find out how he actually feels about a woman until after sex.

If you don’t like what you find out, you don’t have to spend the next hour cuddling and making smalltalk. She might not even want that (more on this later).

However, do her the favour of waiting at least five minutes until you slip your clothes back on.

Be polite enough to make an excuse about having to get up early, and gentlemanly enough to pay for her taxi home.

The ‘compliment sandwich’ method for delivering bad news will serve you well here.

“Holy cow Clarissa, that was incredible. You look fantastic. I have to be up early so I’m going to order you a cab, but wow that was amazing.”

Seal the memorable experience for her by texting something nice in the morning, without any hints of an encore.

“Hope you got home safe. Thanks for a great evening x”

What if you DO want to see her again?

It could be argued you should do the exact same thing if you do want to see her again.

This would certainly be a lot better than the huge mistake most guys make after sex; falling head over heels in love with her.

If she had sex within hours of meeting you, it was probably mostly because:

  • you showed alpha-male tendencies;
  • it seemed like you had abundance in your dating life;
  • sex didn’t seem like a massive deal to you, so you wouldn’t shame her for giving it away too quickly.

As such, she had every reason to believe you wouldn’t turn into a needy little bitch, the second you see her naked.

She thought you were the type of guy who wouldn’t flood her phone with pathetic text messages and wouldn’t try to be her boyfriend within days of sleeping with her.

Maybe she would have liked that eventually, but this wet blanket act indicates she was probably wrong about your alpha-male status.

To her, this feels like that moment in ‘Shallow Hal’, when the love of his life balloons by a few hundred pounds.

Not sexy. Not cool. An absolute nightmare.

Should you let a woman sleep over?

It is absolutely an option.

You can spoon all night, treat her to breakfast, and drive her home without scaring her off.

In fact, that probably will add to her experience and make her see you as future boyfriend material.

Just don’t act like a lovestruck dork who thinks she’s this perfect princess just because she put out.

This isn’t as simple as it sounds. Oxytocin – the chemical which is responsible for love and trust – is released in your brain after sex. If you’ve not been laid for a while, that urge to act like it’s her birthday and Christmas combined will probably pop up.

For both of your sakes, resist it…

The chase isn’t over for either of you. Deep down, she doesn’t want to know she’s won you over yet.

Let the relationship progress at a reasonable pace, and she’ll be far more motivated to hop back into bed again.

How to Move Things Forward


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