How To Get Girls Using Instagram

The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Game

The game has changed. Getting girls using Instagram has become so easy that you’d be insane not to do it.

If you currently struggle to get replies to your texts, it’s probably because you’re not utilising Instagram properly.

Use it correctly and you can look forward to an army of ladies flooding your DMs.

  • Women you meet for two minutes transform into dates that sleep with you quickly.

  • Girls who forgot meeting you become stalkers begging for your attention.

  • It’s even possible to contact women you’ve never met and make them excited to meet you.

Instagram solves the main problem with arranging Day 2s

The main problem with converting phone numbers into dates (if you’re a high-quality guy) is that the women feel they don’t know you well enough.

The most that pops up on their phones when you text them is your name and an avatar. If you only met for a few minutes (or when she was drunk), that’s not a lot of information for her to use.

Even if you had a lengthy sober conversation, it’s unlikely she learned the full extent of your awesome life, because boasting about it seen as try-hard and highly unattractive.

Women have to choose their dates carefully, or they risk going out with some creepy psycho stalker. Rather than take that risk, they often flake on men they don’t know well enough. This has become more common in the era of social media and dating apps, which allows them to find someone better within seconds.

With Instagram, you can become that someone better. Once she sees your profile, she learns all the awesome things about your life. Then, with Instagram Stories, you can endlessly regain her attention in a non try-hard way.

Why You Should Exchange Instagrams Instead Of Phone Numbers

Instagram allows you to send text messages, picture messages and videos. The only disadvantage compared to traditional messaging platforms is that you can’t make a phone call.

However, the advantages compared to the likes of WhatsApp or Telegram are numerous.

Here is a rundown of the key benefits.

Swapping social media details is more casual

Women are more receptive to swapping Instagram details than phone numbers. Social media is seen as less of a big deal, as she probably already has a ton of strangers following her.

Nevertheless, it gives you the same opportunity to initiate contact. You’ll only need phone calls once you know her better, at which point you can text to ask for her phone number.

It helps her trust you

Her fears of you being a creepy psycho stalker are eased because your profile contains so much evidence to the contrary. The most concrete evidence of all is mutual friends. If any of her friends already follow you, this will pop up when she searches for your profile.

It keeps you in the forefront of her mind

Women are obsessed with Instagram. They’re on it at home. They’re on it when they’re out to lunch with friends. They’re on it at the club. It’s arguably easier to keep her attention on this platform than it is in real life.

By regularly posting stories, you can able to remind her of your awesomeness several times per day. Meanwhile, texting a woman you barely know several times per day will usually lead to you being blocked.


With text messages and phone calls, you can only impress one girl at a time. With Instagram, you can impress thousands of followers with every post, which is far more time-efficient.

You can show off without appearing try-hard

There’s an accepted culture of balling #ForTheGram, which should make it more acceptable in her eyes. After all, this app was designed for people to share their lives. Also, the fact that your posts are being shared with all your followers makes it seem less like you’re showing off specifically for her.

Instagram Stories

This an incredibly powerful feature that’ll allow you to get to know each other so much better. Our guide to creating attractive Instagram Stories below will help you make the most of this feature.

How To Create An Attractive Instagram Profile

Your Instagram profile allows you to show off all the qualities that trigger attraction in women. This is the first thing that women will see, but there’s no guarantee how far down she’ll scroll, so keep the quality consistently high.

If an image or video isn’t demonstrating one of your attractive qualities, it’s best to leave it off your profile.

The best attraction triggers to include are:

Cool hobbies

Women love men who have a passion. If you have cool hobbies or a remarkable talent, Instagram is a great place to show it off without appearing too try-hard.


Confidence can be displayed by taking part in extreme hobbies, writing ballsy captions or by the way you talk into a camera. Either way, it’s one of the best attraction triggers to display.

An active social life

If you’re leading a social life that women would want to be part of, show if off. Make posts with your cool friends at fun events. Make sure you’re the focus of these posts though, as this will portray you as the alpha-male of the group.

A good body

If you have a great body, show it off, but make it seem natural. Only be topless in situations where it’s normal to be topless, such as at the beach, by the pool or after playing sports. Selfies are typically regarded as too vain.


If you have a Rolex, a mansion or a helicopter, include them in your posts. Try and stay humble though.

Pre-selection from other women

This is arguably the most important attraction trigger to include.

Women use pre-selection to justify dating men all the time. Their attitude is: “if this woman enjoys spending time with him, he’s probably a cool guy.”

This is why it’s so much easier to open conversations and hook up when you go the club with several female friends. It’s why so many end up dating guys they met through friends.

You can demonstrate pre-selection by making posts with females. Ideally, they’re attractive and having a great time with you. The more it looks like a date, the better. In fact, the most outrageous posts tend to attract the most engagement from women.

It’s important not to make it seem like a big deal. You want to give the impression that you hang out with gorgeous women all the time.

How to Create Attractive Instagram Stories

Your Instagram Stories disappear within 24 hours, so you can use this as a glimpse into your day-to-day life. There’s less need to concern yourself with cinematography, although the attraction triggers discussed above should be displayed.

You can post videos up to 15 seconds long using this feature. These are great, because it gives women a deeper idea of what it would be like to hang out with you. When you’re out with a woman, film short clips where you make her (and your audience) laugh. The secret is to get them in a fun excited mood before you hit record. It’s amazing how women play up for the camera, so don’t be afraid to encourage this.

The more stories you post, the better. However, it’s best to lead with one that’ll hook a woman’s attention. As soon as she’s bored, she can skip to the next user, potentially missing your most attractive stories. It’s a common strategy for Instagram users to manually delete their unimportant stories, so that more of their followers see the good stuff.

The most useful element of Instagram Stories is the ability to see who is viewing them. The women watching most of your stories are the ones mostly likely to respond if you text them. In many cases, they’ll respond to the story with a message, opening the door for you to continue the conversation and lead it towards a date.

You can post a selection of your best stories in the ‘Highlights’ section of your profile too.

How To Trade Instagram Profiles

There’s a new ‘Scan A Nametag’ feature within the ‘Search’ tab, which allows you to follow people with ease. Alternatively, you can manually type your handle into the search bar.

Either way, the most important thing is she follows you back. Without this, she won’t spot all your updates, plus your DMs will end up buried in the ‘Message Requests’ tab.

If you follow her, she’ll get a notification of this, but that might not peak her interest enough to gain a follow back.

The most reliable way to ensure she follows you is to grab her phone and do it for her. If you do this, it’s worth sending a DM from her phone to yours to help her remember meeting you.

An even better reminder is to take a photo or film a short video together, add it to your Stories and tag her in it. She’ll get a notification of this tag, which is arguably the best way to grab her attention. No-one can resist the curiosity of seeing what Instagram Stories they’ve been tagged in.

If you do this, the potential for her to forget who you were completely disappears. Meanwhile, the rest of your followers see you having a great time with a hottie.?Don’t underestimate the power of doing this.?Instead of seducing one woman face-to-face, you’re seducing all your female followers by demonstrating pre-selection.

How To Text Girls On Instagram

You may still want to start conversations with women via DM, rather than waiting for them to reply to your stories. The fundamentals of texting a woman?still apply when doing so.

However, you now also have her stories to use a conversation starters. These make it easier to craft interesting messages than when texting her out of the blue. They?ll also give clues about when is a good time to message her. If she?s just posted photos from a pool party thousands of miles away, it?s probably not a good time to text. If she posts a ?bored at home? selfie, it?s more likely she?ll respond to your message.

How To Slide Into DMs: Cold Messaging On Instagram

Most of the world’s most beautiful women have an Instagram profile – and it’s possible to DM any of them to set up a date.

Maybe you’ve tried cold-messaging a ton of Instagram models, only to be met with unanimous silence.

That’s because hundreds of guys are trying the same thing. What’s more, they’re doing it in such a sleazy way that many women completely ignore their ‘Message Requests’.

However, it is possible to stand out in the cesspool of thirsty comments and dick pics.

The best way to do this is to offer something they really need.

That’s not compliments, free stuff or the “opportunity” to date you.

In most cases, it’s the opportunity to gain more followers, have better photos and make money from their profiles.

Most bonafide Instagram models have a manager to handle photoshoots and revenue, but your local area will be packed with “wannabe influencers” who have no idea how to arrange these things. That’s where you come in!

The photoshoot party pitch

The strategy is to plan an awesome photoshoot. Ideally, it?s at a private party with free drinks in some picturesque location. The more money you throw at this event, the easier it will be to tempt women there.

If you?re not a skilled photographer, you?ll need to find one on social media. Male photographers are always desperate for more models to shoot, so it shouldn?t be hard to find one to team with.

You may want to get on a woman’s radar before inviting her to your photoshoot, perhaps by adding useful comments on her profile photos. Information about the location she’s in, such as good spots to have fun or take photos, usually makes an impression.

After engaging with her a few times, send your pitch. Explain that you help women like her with social media reach and invite her to your event. Keep your invite professional. If you really want to stand out, shoot it as a fun video message.

If she responds, grab her phone number so you transition onto a platform such as WhatsApp or Telegram. She?s more likely to have notifications switched on for these platforms, meaning you no longer have to worry about standing out in her DMs.

Get as many women as you can to attend your photoshoot. You and your photographers should make the event it as fun as possible, while remaining professional and ensuring it runs smoothly. This will help the women to open up, allowing your relationships to naturally blossom into something more social. Now, you can DM her the same way you would a woman you meet in a club. Once you start throwing these parties or photoshoots, add pictures of these to your profile for crazy pre-selection.

The best thing about this strategy is that it can escalate to mind-blowing levels. Perhaps your first event only has a few “wannabes” attending, but word will spread if it?s fun. The more pictures of these events you share on your profile, the easier it?ll be to eventually catch the attention of well-known Instagram models.

Sounds like too much effort? In many cases, it’s simpler than meeting A-list models in the flesh. It?s definitely easier and more fun than copy and pasting some pick-up line to thousands of accounts.

For examples of this strategy in action, check out Dan Bilzerian or RSD Max.

Classic Social Media Game Mistakes To Avoid

Forced pictures

If you’re taking selfies with women and they don’t look excited about it, this could have the opposite effect to what you intended. A random selfie with nothing notable in the background looks too try-hard. At the very least, shoot a fun video where you make a joke. A great hack to stop a photo looking too forced is to have her hold the camera.

Cringeworthy pictures and captions.

Have a look at any guide of online dating no-nos and ensure your Instagram profile meets the same standards.

A profile that isn’t about you

Some people have a passion for photography and use their Instagram to post landscape photos or portraits of other people. Others use it to post memes or promote a hobby they enjoy. This does nothing to build attraction.

Instagram posts that don’t have you in them won’t make her excited to meet you. If you’re hell-bent on having an Instagram that isn’t about you, create a separate account for meeting girls.

Thirsty comments

There’s an epidemic of thirsty comments on Instagram. These might make a woman feel validated, but they do nothing to make her want to date you. High-value dudes don’t post thirsty online comments. She knows that and it’s time you did too.

Common excuses not to be on social media: debunked

My life isn’t fun

This is a problem – but it would be a problem regardless of your social media use. If you don’t have a life that women would want to be a part of, it will tough to date anyone.

Why not use what you’ve learned in this article as motivation to create a more enjoyable life? There’s no downside to this.

For now, use Instagram to demonstrate any positive points you do have. At the very least, you can show you’re a not a creepy psycho stalker.

If you don’t have a social media presence, many people assume you have something to hide. This can be off-putting in itself.

Social media is narcissistic

If you’re concerned about the narcissistic nature of social media, focus on bringing value to your followers in a way that also triggers attraction. Create posts that make others laugh. Share knowledge or wisdom in your captions.

Alternatively, simply view your Instagram profile as a tool you have to use to maximise your chances in the dating game. A souped-up Tinder profile, if you will.

Social media steals your attention and saps your concentration

This is true. The best solution is not to scroll through other people’s pictures. Use Instagram solely as a means to post pictures and message hotties.

I’m ugly, awkward and don’t look good in photos

Instagram can still get your dates if you’re ugly. There are plenty of traits that women are attracted to more than looks and this is your opportunity to show them.

My camera sucks

The visual quality of the photos does help to grab people’s attention, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. You can still demonstrate your personality using a bad camera. Failing that, ask a friend to use their phone and send the pictures to you.

I have no-one to take photos of me

Ask someone. This might feel awkward, but most of society now understands why people want to document their life. If you’re in a cool and interesting place, it’s completely normal to want to document it, so you shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask.

I want to live in the present moment, not through a camera lens

This is totally understandable. However, an Instagram Story takes a maximum of 15 seconds to shoot. Photos are even quicker. You don’t need to take loads. The benefits to your dating life outweigh the harm to your presence.

Social media is a waste of time

This excuse is absolute BS. When done properly, social media game will help you convert more number-closes into dates, so you’re wasting less time talking to girls that don’t meet up with you. It’ll also have girls getting in touch with you, so you don’t have to waste time initiating text conversations. Perhaps best of all, these women will feel like they know you really well, making them more comfortable to jump into bed with you quickly.

This is the way to dominate women’s attention

Rewind ten years to an era before smartphones dominated our day-to-day lives. Imagine someone offered you access to a tool that can hook the attention of every hot woman in your city, without any negative consequences.

It would sound too good to be true.

Yet, that’s literally what Instagram can become for you at the moment. Perhaps something will replace it as the number one social media website, but there’s no denying its dominance in the present day.

More guys are cottoning on to the power of Instagram and using it to their advantage. These guys are your competition. Trying to compete without a decent social media profile is like handing out flyers instead of advertising on national TV.

Instagram streamlines your dating life in a way that no-one could have foreseen a decade ago.

It’s free. It’s at your fingertips. Every single beautiful woman in your city is hooked on it.

Start utilising it today, or you’ll lose out to someone who is.

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