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The Blonde Thing…

Guys in the community love them some blondes, in this post I’m going to attempt to explain why.

First let’s get a few things out of the way, In the very interesting book “Cirque Du Soleil” Diane Dimond has a few great passages about why blondes captivate. Because I’m too lazy to look these up we can summarize it thus:

Blondes capture our attention more because the light hits the hair and creates something of a miniature halo effect, combined with the fact that we’ve had 50 years of Blondes as sexy stereotypes starting with Marilyn Monroe.

Secondly I don’t have a particular fascination with blondes even though the majority of girls I date happen to be blonde. I don’t really have a type outside of her big boobs. So I don’t think I have a bias here.

Third, I have consistently watched guys in the community overrate girls attractiveness due to the girl being blonde. To the point where I think most community guys would rather have a 6 with blonde hair than an 8 who is a brunette. My friend Ron and I always joke that to be an 8 to a community guy all you need to be is blonde and thin.

But why?

I have two theories:

Theory A:

The High School Validation Theory. At some point (probably in high school hence the name) most nerdy guys developed a crush on a girl out of their league, like a cheerleader or popular girl who most likely was blonde. For me it was a girl named Jamie Doyen. Then when you don’t get this girl you file her away under the mental label “I’d be a winner if I could get girls like that.”

Honestly I think this problem is most pronounced in Foreign guys most notably Asians and Indians. Because they probably encountered some form of racism when dating and weren’t able to get the hot blonde girl early on, these guys tend to be obsessed with them, and view getting blondes as the ultimate sign that they have arrived.

In 8 years of teaching I could count the number of Asian/Indian students who were not obsessed with getting blondes on 1 hand.

Theory B:

The Blondes Have More Fun Theory. The second reason I think guys are obsessed with blondes is the idea that blondes are somehow dumber, and easier than their brunette sisters. Which is a great piece of girl hate in action as well as a great theme to talk to brunette girls about. Guys think that those blonde party chicks dancing on the bar are easy, when in fact those girls tend to mostly be in it for the attention.

But because it looks and acts like a duck (or a slut) and there is a stereotype out there we think it’s easier to get with blondes which if you look at the results of most guys who don’t have good coaching simply isn’t true.

Anyway I think this is a fascinating phenomenon and it’s worth taking a look to see if you are artificially inflating girls looks in your mind because of their hair color.

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