Ways Men Act Needy

After coaching men for nearly 12 years, one thing I quickly realized is most guys don?t act in their best interest when it comes to their social life.

Even when a guy kind of thinks he knows the game, his emotions take over and causes him to act insecure, needy, clingy, predictable, all things that really hurt him, especially with a woman he really likes.

Once emotions take over, guys start doing all the things they know they SHOULD NOT be doing..

? feeling a compulsion to call or text her

? Unable to ?play it cool?

? blurting out feelings too soon

? making yourself too available

? showing noticeable jealousy when she mentions other guys

? showing too much disappointment when she can?t hang out

Here?s the worse part?.

Women kind of reactively test men to see if the guy has this needy side.

She?ll cancel plans and pay close attention to the guy reacts?

She?ll ?forget? to text him back to see how he handles it?

She?ll challenge him on stuff to see how quickly he backs down?

Here?s a very simple example of a ?test??

If you?re listening to a certain type of music that you like she might say ?Do you like that?? in a tone that expresses that SHE definitely DOES NOT.

How do you respond? Do you lie and say ?not really?? Or ?It?s ok?

If so, you?re TRYING HARDER. And she kind of realizes in that moment that she has the upper hand.

? And she doesn?t want that. She would much rather you look at her and say ?yea, this song kicks ass.?

No girl wants a guy who won?t defend himself. Even against her.

Here?s the good news: You can correct this imbalance, and rather easily when you know exactly what to do.

That?s what we teach how to do in our program, at unlockthescrambler.com

We look at it like a roadmap because we know that our emotions tend to take over and cloud our judgment, and the program is designed to keep you on track, to protect guys from making the common mistakes..

And to really provide the steps to keep things interesting and attractive to her, so check out Unlock The Scrambler.

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