Inner States and Game

Today I wanted to briefly talk about the idea of inner states and how they can help your game.

An inner state, is pretty much precisely what it sounds like; an inner statement you make to yourself about yourself. Ideally you want to use present tense language about a goal or process you want to take on.

Then you want to repeat this statement until it becomes almost automatic for you to think that way.

For example, if you have trouble with approach anxiety, you could use an inner state of

“I always instantly, easily and confidently approach the women I am attracted to.”

Or if you have trouble with attraction you could use:

“I effortlessly attract the woman I’m attracted.”

At first I would suggest just picking one inner state that you think addresses your biggest problem with women, then expanding to 3-5 inner states that reflect changes you want to make in your entire life.

After you’ve got your inner states, you want to repeat them in the mirror 5 times each 3 different times a day. You’ll find if you stick to this for 30 days the entire way you think will be different.

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