Rating Yourself

One of the things the pickup community and guys in general are known for is rating women on a 1-10 scale.

In fact if you were to peruse the online communities or thousands of pages of material out there, you would no doubt see tons of women broken down or described simply by what a guy thought they were based on their looks and his own arbitrary scale.

What you won’t see however, and what I want to discuss today is the idea of rating yourself.

What a lot of guys fail to understand is that “game” is only one part of this valuation process.

For example, let’s say you weigh 400LBS but you have great game, you’re still going to struggle with cold approaches simply because no matter how great your game is, it’s not going to erase the obesity.

Same thing with being unemployed, living at home, etc…

Your whole life factors into your evaluation, but just to keep it simple for the kiddies at home, I’ll give you my evaluation formula that I use with my private coaching students.

Self Evaluation Formula:

1. Looks – On a 1-10 scale where are you? I’m about a 7 based on putting various pics up on Hot or not. Looks(Including fashion and physical fitness) are about 30% of the evaluation. But luckily you’re a guy so you can add 2 points simply by getting in better shape, getting a new haircut and getting new clothes.

There is no excuse to be less than a 5 on this scale.

2. Social Status – Social status can be a trickier thing to figure out since it’s based on your social status at the time of meeting the girl rather than your overall status in life. For example a Fortune 500 executive could have little to no status at a bar or club whereas a part time bartender will.

Status is about 30% of the evaluation. Status will get you a ton of girls interest no matter where that status is obtained. Think your geeky friend who kills it with depressed theater chicks because he runs the theater for minimum wage.

3. Game (or social skills)?– Game is a much smaller part of this than most people realize. If you are a 4 in the looks and status department, game can help you get girls who are 4s and possibly a girl whose a 5 or a 6, but it’s not making up the 6 point gap between a 4 and a 10. Game is 10%.

4. Value you add to her life – This is the big one. It’s also the one most guys reading this completely ignore or undervalue. Dating is a value exchange process.

While it is valuable to be able to stimulate women emotionally, connect, and give them orgasms, it’s still not enough value to keep most women’s interest especially if you’re less physically attractive and have lower status than the woman you’re approaching (IE all of us).

The Value you add to her life is also 30% of the evaluation.

Most guys fail to work on the 3 areas outside of just “Game” and then get frustrated because even when they have a basic understanding they can’t seem to bridge the gap to the girls they actually want, mostly because they’re only focusing on 10% of the issue.

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