Kristens and Karas

I had this thought the other day while trying to figure out what all the women I really get along with have in common. Besides alcoholism, Narcissism and sarcasm. Or the 3 ISMs as I like to call them 🙂

This is what I came up with, there are two kind of girls I date. Kristens and Karas.

Kristen obviously was the last girl I had serious feelings for, and has been mentioned on this blog (and an unfortunate podcast) several times including the fact that she dumped me.

A Kristen, is a girl you could see yourself with possibly for good (at least for normal people as opposed to myself). Kristens are hot, but also really together and smart.

I called these girls Kristens not because I’m still harboring feelings for her, or feel like she was the one who got away, but because a girl like this becomes the comparison for every girl you date after her. Unfortunately not that many Kristens exist. Especially on the west coast.

Kara was a girl I was seeing earlier this year (ironically right after Kristen) who I couldn’t wait to break up with, despite her being perfect “on paper”.

A Kara is a girl who is pretty, and smart and has a lot going for her, but there just isn’t the same spark as there is with a Kristen.

Karas are good “on paper” meaning that if I sit down and try to think about why I’m less and less into spending time with a girl like this I can’t come up with anything tangible like “she’s gained weight” or “she’s a bitch when she’s drunk.”

So instead I always have to describe why I’m not into a girl with ethereal definitions like “Spark” or “Click”. Which is especially tough for someone who thrives on clear and unambiguous logic like myself.

Karas are the girls who I know are going to make someone out there a really nice girlfriend, it’s just not going to be me. Karas probably tend to get hurt by me the most because I actually don’t care about them that much. As bad as that sounds.

Once I figured this out, the question became are the girls I’m seeing now Kristens or Karas?

Though to be honest I probably already knew the answer.

One girl I’m seeing, I legitimately don’t like hanging out with (yes I realize this is stupid but it’s easy and….I really have no justification) we basically have sex more than we speak. She’s young and like most 18 yr olds just doesn’t have much to say. Her body is sick though.

Another girl is a definite Kara. She’s a hair stylist which in my opinion is the number 1 loser occupation girls get into. Haristylists and make-up artists to a lesser degree are professional partiers. And Lame. Unfortunately a fair amount of hair stylists are hot 🙁

Then there’s Jesse. Jesse definitely has some Kristen potential. She’s really funny.She’s low maintenance, dram free and easy going. She smokes weed. She works at an Abercrombie and Fitch which if she were older than 20 would be a big issue.

She’s also an artist. There’s literally nothing bad I can say about the girl. But she’s still a Kara. And she’s gonna get hurt when things end. It’s like I can see this train heading straight for her, and she has NO idea it’s coming. I don’t even wanna stop hanging out with her, I just know I will one day.

It’s just not there and I can’t explain why.

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