Never Trust Girls With All Guy Friends

I mentioned this rule of mine a few weeks ago and have been getting a surprising amount of comments asking me to post the thought so here goes.

Personally I don’t believe men and women can be friends. I say this even though I have 90% female friends. The reason is pretty simple when people of the opposite sex spend enough time around each other, eventually one person or the other will develop a crush on the other person and vice versa.

Now the reason I can make this work is that I am always getting laid by new chicks so when my female friends inevitably get crushes on me or I start to get one on one of them I have another way to get laid so it doesn’t become an obsession.

Most guys don’t have this and instead view the female friend as not only that one special girl but as a way to end their non intentional celibacy.

Girls who have a lot of male friends in my opinion are already making backup plans. Every girl I know who has a lot of male friends has a lot of male friends she has hooked up with in the past.

She also has one or two male friends she thinks are cute or who she would hook up with if they weren’t already in relationships.

But that’s not even the main reason I say don’t trust girls who have a lot of male friends. The bigger issue is that girls who have a lot of male friends tend to say a lot of the following statements:

” Girls are bitches.”

” Girls are too catty”

” I’m like a guy in a girl’s body.”

” I treat sex like a guy.”

” I date like a guy”

You get the idea. Because women are naturally competitive over men, any girl who stays away from girls is subconsciously doing it to eliminate competition. Girls get along better with other girls, or at least they’re supposed to.

A woman who doesn’t have any female friends (Like this girl Kelly I dated after Kristen) is weird.

These girls also tend to get even needier than girls with female friends because they don’t have the same kind of support system to discuss their problems with and ultimately a lot of these girls cheat.

So hopefully that explains why I always say you can’t trust a girl with too many male friends. Or a guy with too many female friends if you’re a girl but that’s a whole another story.

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